Application of Silicon power

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Silicon power having the characteristics of ultrafine particles, a large surface area. 

Add Silicon power in concrete,Guest Posting and its effects have: (1) physical effect. Fine particles fill the pores between the cement particles, denser paste to improve the microstructure of cement, aggregates, concrete materials to improve macro-physical - mechanical properties (strength, impermeability, durability resistance, elastic modulus, etc.). (2) the effects of chemical reaction. The major component of the silica in the Silicon power in the alkaline excitation conditions, and cement hydration precipitated Ca (OH2) react, generating the nature of the water hardness having a silicate colloid - calcium silicate hydrate gel, these gel blocking in the capillary, the capillary hole becomes small, and not continuous, thus greatly improving the compacting of concrete. And calcium silicate hydrate gel strength is much larger than the Ca (OH) 2 gel. So silicon power has two advantages of the volcanic ash effects and particles effects, can improve the water bleeding of fresh concrete and cohesiveness, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of concrete comprehensively.

Silicon power concrete its unique advantages, widely used in the following construction field. (1) Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Hydraulic Structures: dam intake, water diversion channels, tunnel, surge shaft, the lower part of the main plant structure, make full use of Silicon power concrete has good waterproof, impermeability, abrasion resistance and anti-empty the characteristics of the eclipse. (2) civil engineering works: Silicon power concrete early strength have the characteristics of high strength, is used extensively for industrial plants, high-rise buildings. Can increase strength, reduce the size of the member section, shorten the construction period, but also to save the project cost. (3) road construction: full use of Silicon power concrete early strength, high strength, wear resistance, and the construction of high-grade highways, airport runways, highway tunnel and road repair projects. Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company roads with Silicon power concrete construction of roads in the plant center, 12-hour compressive strength up to 25Mpa, anti-abrasion increased by 1 times, 24-hour compressive strength up to 37Mpa C20 concrete exceeds the design requirements. (4) ports, bridges, brine: Silicon power concrete, high density, and has a very high resistivity, is not easy to form electrochemical destruction, enhanced anti-corrosion properties. (5) shotcreting: Silicon power concrete, significantly improve the adhesion properties of plastic concrete and cohesion, a significant reduction in the amount of springback increases injection molding thickness of concrete, shorten the construction period, the project cost savings . In the United States and Europe, almost 75% of the sprayed concrete mixed with Silicon power, in Norway and Sweden, Silicon power shotcrete is an essential material.

Silicon power as a metal power, commonly used in the refractory industry. It has an important role to the unshaped refractories to improve. Manifested as (1) traditional refractory numerous pores, Silicon power filling the pores, increase the bulk density and reduce the porosity and strength can be significantly enhanced. (2) Silicon power with strong activity, the colloidal particles can be formed in the water, adding an appropriate amount of dispersing agent can be enhanced fluidity, thereby improving the pouring performance. (3) Silicon power in the water is easy to form a-Si-OH group, having strong hydrophilicity and active, can enhance refractory aggregation greatly , while the high temperature performance, prolong the life of the refractory products .

Silicon powder is widely used in the refractory industry. Practical application in the following aspects: (1) instead of pure aluminum oxide mud for refractories. (2) as an additive production of monolithic and shaped refractory products, its strength and high temperature performance is greatly improved. (3) as a whole ladle pouring combination coagulant. (4) as a cohesive agent, binding agent, coagulant additives of other refractory products.


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