Are you creating a gap between knowledge and capability?

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Most employees create a gap between their knowledge and capability as they often speak more about what they are capable off......

Most corporate employees often get confused with the two popular terms viz.,Guest Posting knowledge and capability.  Both the terms has to be defined and understood separately. 

Knowledge never is capability and capability never is knowledge.  The issue to be understood is that whether ‘knowledge’ gives birth to capability or vice versa.   ‘Knowledge’ means knowing something.  It happens actively or passively. 

Capability on the other hand refers to the knowledge of converting the ‘knowledge’ into a desired result.  In other words, the extent of new possibilities of knowing and doing things out of a given ‘knowledge’ is called ‘capability’.   Knowledge never automatically transform into capability.  Knowing about something never means one is capable of doing many things.

The best example that would clarify the difference between the above two terms is that the knowledge of repairing some electronic gadgets never means the same person can create a new gadget.  Similarly, the capability also never brings knowledge by itself.  There are several mechanics in the street knows and are capable of repairing many difficult and complicated automobile engines but would never know how they functions.  Knowing ‘know why’ and ‘know how’ only makes the circuit of ‘knowledge’ and ‘capability’ complete.   

Why this subject is so important in the corporate world?  The cause for the melancholy state of many employees in most corporate is mainly due to the imperfect understanding about knowledge and capability.

Whenever any employee speaks to their friends or colleagues or even during attending an interview, they love to display about what they are capable of achieving than what they really know.  They invariably create a great dissonance and distance between the two.  Capability always goes with reference or evidence.  Without providing reference, if any one starts trumpeting about his/her capability means they are making a ‘mute show to a blind person’. 

Do animals also get confused with knowledge and capability?   Animals are never known to get confused either with their knowledge or with their capability. 

A bird of prey uses its knowledge to spot its prey and then explore the catch with its capability.  The moment it fails in its attempt, its knowledge prevails over the capability and hence it would calmly go back to its perch to identify another prey. 

Animals never seem to get frustrated or disappointed with their hunting failure.  They never over depend on their knowledge or capability nor do they create any gap between the two.  

When one believe in their knowledge to be the ‘capability; and they are capable of doing many things and deserve more than what they are today, they are pushing themselves to the bottomless pit of agony and nothing else.  

Knowledge mostly comes from the external environment whereas the capability comes out from within.  Learn the fact that you can display your knowledge very well and not your capability.  The capability what you attempt to display also will be understood by others as your knowledge.  Know the difference wisely.            

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