Buck 193 Alpha Hunter.

Nov 2


Brian J White

Brian J White

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The Buck 193 Alpha Hunter is a set blade knife with a guthook.


Made out of 12C27 Sandvik metal,Buck 193 Alpha Hunter. Articles this knife will maintain its edge even though you are slicing through bone or rope. The tang extends the full amount of this drop level blade. The handle is made of real rosewood for an amazing look, and is impregnated with resin to create it’s resilience. The tang is uncovered completely around the handle.

The blade is 3 and ¾ inches long, and overall extension is 8 and ½ inches. The knife weighs 7.2 oz, and includes a fitted brown leather sheath. It also includes a lifetime warranty. The knife handles flawlessly, also in wet and slippery circumstances. Reviewers of the knife say that it’s sharp and resilient, and simple to use when skinning game such for example deer and hogs. Includes Knife, Package, Sheath, and Warranty Sign up Card, The Buck 193 Alpha Hunter TM includes a 3-3/4″ full size tang, drop point 154CM stainless Blade with Buck’s patented gut hook, The Alpha Hunter includes resin impregnated rosewood handles, that keep the border of the tang uncovered, The Alpha Hunter has a fitted brown natural leather sheath, The 193 Alpha Hunter, much like all Buck Knives, features Buck’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Behind every Buck item has ended 110 years of encounter and craftsmanship. Utilizing the very best components and state-of-the-artwork technology to create equipment that meet up with the exacting demands you’ll expect of a superior quality product. All items sold by Buck-Shop carry a 25 Calendar year manufacturer’s warrantee. Warrantied to get free from defects in materials and workmanship for 25 years after pay for, the warrantee covers repair or substitute with a fresh Buck tool, for just about any Buck knife that’s defective. Buck Knives will not warrant its goods against abnormally done damage or misuse. Buck Knives aren’t intended to be utilized as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers.

Buck Store has internal state-of-the-art YAG laser beam engraving machinery, managed by competent and experienced personnel to make certain that your merchandise is laser beam engraved with an ideal, striking and everlasting surface finish. Because our YAG lasers use more compact wavelengths, shorter pulses, and far higher peak powers than CO2 lasers, they deliver an increased impact and strength level which is simply perfect for attaining detailed markings and engravings on metals, plastics, and additional surfaces.

At Buck, you’ll usually find a variety of Buck equipment and accessories to select from. Each Buck taken to marketplace has been thoughtfully engineered and designed. Blending the proper properties into stainless steels that will make certain that your tool gets the ideal hardness and power. Heat treating or tempering, assists it’s lasting advantage longer and helps it to be easier to deal with when you need to resharpen. It’s the core concept, and no one heat treats stainless steel quite the way Buck does. Buck is a master at it’s own way of forging metals.

No matter what part of the world that you hail from, Buck next to the word knife, is legendary. I have never met a hunter that was unsatisfied with a Buck knife. Doubt i ever will.