Businessmen’s responsibility on biodegradable shopping bags

Jan 12


David Yvon

David Yvon

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One Environmental Protection Agency provides 100 000 free reusable bags for large-scale shopping malls.


The pink bags attract a lot of people. Meanwhile,Businessmen’s responsibility on biodegradable shopping bags  Articles the 2 RMB shopping bag in supermarket becomes not so popular.

Over the years, a small plastic bag a because of its easy to use and inexpensive, almost fills in a variety of shopping venues. But in recent years, with the environmental philosophy has been deeply rooted in people’s heart, they begin to re-examine the environmental problems caused by plastic bags. The plastic bags  is beginning to be rejected by many countries and regions In this context, for the sustainable development and environmental protection, China begin to limit the use of plastic shopping bags.

The pollution problems from plastic bags have been understood by the public. To protect the environment, we should get used to move away from plastic bags. That is the basic responsibility for citizens. Green and healthy lifestyle shopping social formation, only the administrative level of the ‘ban’ and the moral dimensions of advocacy, is not enough. Or, simply relies on the citizen's responsibility to refuse plastic bags is not realistic. The key is to use reusable shopping bags all the huge costs can not be isolated so that consumers bear, businesses which have to bear the corresponding environmental responsibility. If the bags are paid by customers, the implementation of ‘plastic limit’ will face much more realistic problems. Supermarkets sell reusable shopping bags no one is interested, free gift bags are fighting, they proved this point.

Which seems to be no clearly defined laws and regulations or the system, shopping malls must provide consumers with environmentally friendly shopping bags, price tag is not cheap bags for sale is the business of freedom, is not illegal. However, business ethics laws and regulations, after all, the bottom line is, in fact, businesses treat consumers, there are many things that are far above the law, which involves a business responsibility.

On the current situation, the environmental alternative to plastic bags, the price is relatively high, and then this piece of ‘costs’ can not be entirely by consumers alone, to whom the interests of the business but also alienation, to provide cheap or even free bags. China can learn from the practice of foreign countries, to develop a series of measures to support the system, on the one hand ban plastic bags from the source of production, and also to encourage and promote businesses and consumers together to say no to plastic bags, the two market objects work together for environmental protection.

There is commercial responsibility in arpet bag. It seems that the businessmen pay the environmental cost and it influences the interests of businessmen. But for long term benefits, a business unit who has the courage to take public responsibility is bound to win more and wider range consumer trust and social reputation. It is conducive to the development of their own. Source: