Deer is careless and lion is careful... a corporate message

Jun 25




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The corporate leadership must learn the importance of how to engage people in corporate especially.....

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Who should be given additional responsibility? People who are smart or people who are willing or who are capable or whom the boss like very much?  Most corporate are facing this challenge these days.   Identifying the people for giving additional responsibility should be based on two fundamental factors viz.,


  1. Worthiness of people in every sense
  2. The danger some people can cause if are not engaged or additional responsibility is not given


Understanding the first factor is pretty easy.  Naturally the people who are willing and are capable of delivery are only to be given additional responsibility.  Only then the purpose shall be served. 


The second factor is equally important.  The people who are likely to cause great danger or problem in the corporate are also must be engaged with additional responsibility and only then the harmony and equilibrium of the corporate can be maintained/achieved. 


The art of engaging the dangerous or problematic people in the corporate,Deer is careless and lion is careful... a corporate message Articles the leaders and HR function must learn first and only then the ‘problematic’ people can be made to ‘productive’ people. 


Look at the wonder of nature.  Most of the herbivores animals give birth to fully developed babies.  Such babies are called ‘precocious’ young ones.  The young ones of a cow or zebra or giraffe or deer are born with both eyes opened, capable of walking and running etc., immediately after birth. 


Quite contrary to herbivores animals, the young ones of all carnivores animals (exceptions are excluded) totally lack the above capability.  They are born with both eyes closed, skin devoid of fur, incapable of moving around etc.  Such types of young ones are called ‘altrecious’ babies.  


Why nature has created these animals so differently?  Imagine, the lion, tiger, wild dog or hyena if is also capable of giving birth to young ones like that of a deer or zebra.   No sooner they are born, they start hunting.   Only when hunting occurs in a spatial manner or the ratio of the hunter and the hunted can be balanced, the ecosystem could thrive.  To create orderliness and discipline only, the hunters are given ‘altrecious’ young ones to thrust the complete parental care as an additional responsibility.


This additional responsibility is only balancing the equation or limiting the ‘limitless predation’ of the predatory animals.  Nature has never eliminated the predators because they prey upon other animals or prey animals because they absolutely fall prey to the predators.  Nature has used the best management principle to make the co-existence possible for both the hunter and the hunted. 


The corporate leaders must learn this art and accordingly must give additional responsibility to certain people.  Always never look for capable people to give additional responsibility, the people who can upset the system if kept idle, are also must be considered seriously for giving additional responsibility.


Although the parental care cannot be called as an additional responsibility, the parental care responsibility of predatory animals in comparison with prey animals only such reference has been used.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai






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