MLM Western Leaders are looking for Asia Leaders to Build MLM BUSINESS in Asia.

Apr 29


Victor Lim Chee Seong

Victor Lim Chee Seong

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Dear friends, in the event you are NOT satisfy with your present situation, it is my sincere invitation that you spend your time to evaluate the articles in MY BLOG. And also the below message I JUST wrote.


MLM Western Leaders are looking for Asia Leaders to Build MLM BUSINESS in Asia.


What is Your Reputation in MLM Industry if you have NOT Make it after MORE than 5 years in the MLM Business ?


What is Your Reputation in MLM Industry & what would be Your Team members THINK of YOU if YOU have CHANGE the MLM Company very Frequently from 1 to next and to the next MLM Company ?


NO Vision,MLM Western Leaders are looking for Asia Leaders to Build MLM BUSINESS in Asia. Articles NO Integrity, NO Sure, and NO Certainly, NO Stability, NO Leadership and NO Success.


—–Original Message—–

From: XXXX

Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 10:11 AM


Subject: Home of AsiaLeadersBlog Contact: Building in Asia


To: Webmaster




Hello Victor,

I came across your blog and wanted to get in touch with you. We are looking for leaders to build our business in Asia, are you open to new income opportunites?

Please advice.


Kindest Regards,






1. Thanks for your email and Your Confidence in me for Asia MLM Markets.


2. I sincerely WISH you all the best in whatever you are currently doing.


3. Dear friends, in the event you are NOT satisfy with your present situation, it is my sincere invitation that you spend your time to evaluate the articles in MY BLOG. And also the below message I JUST wrote.


4. Thank You ONCE AGAIN for your Confidence in me.


5. Recently I SWITCHED and Pay Attention of bHIP, a USA MLM Company is because of the Products, Maqui Berry World NO.1 HIGHEST Anti Oxidant, 3 times ORAC Value HIGHER than Acai Berry .


6. Plus bHIP Compensation Plan offer Capable Leaders the Opportunity to EARN UP to USD 400,000 per month or MORE.


7. 4 months ago, my Team just ENTERED China MLM Market on December 2010.


8. 3 months ago, many Naturally Plus members, Melaleuca members, USANA, Nu Skin and Amoorea members have JOINED harmonybest Team.


9. Last week, few Monavie and Agel MLM Leaders also SWITCHED and JOINED force with my Team.


10. Today I have Network Leaders in Asia Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Middle East, China and recently India.


11. I STRONGLY believe Very SOON, MORE Western TOP MLM Leaders WOULD ALSO Jump into my TEAM. Why I say so ?


12. As because I can Provide these TOP MLM Leaders the DREAMS, HEALTH, WEALTH, TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


13. How ?


14. Because I and several Leaders of harmonybest Team can HELP THEM to BUILD thousands and thousands of HUGE Team Volume Asia, China and India Members below their accounts.


15. Many Western Top MLM Leaders have tried MANY times to RECRUIT Me and some MLM Companies even offered me HIGH Price.


16. You MUST Know, before I decided bHIP, definitely I got my reasons of choosing bHIP.


17. Everybody GOT Their reasons for THEIR DECISIONS;


18. But ONE things, I am SURE of is that Many of these so called Smart MLM Networkers with MORE than 10 years, 15 years of Hard work in MLM Networking still STRUGGLE and BROKE. WHY?


19. If you DO NOT KNOW the Reasons WHY they have failed, then you got NO Chance to be Successful.


20. I ventured into MLML Business for LESS than 1 ½ years,




I will be MORE Successful in the MLM Business this Coming few years.


My dear Friends,

Be my Team Partner NOW at your Respective Countries.


21. You will ONLY KNOW ALL the SECRETS when we are together in the Team.


22. Many Western Top MLM Leaders tried and still trying to Recruit me and they are very eager to Penetrate the Asia Countries, China, and India Markets.


23. My ADVICE is “ Be SMART “.

a)     You DON’T have to WASTE time and effort Recruiting me UNDER you; You Gain INSTANT Access to Asia, China, and India BILLION Markets ONLY by JOINING FORCE with ME.


b)    It is BETTER off when there are a few of STRONG Leaders above YOU so that we ( These STRONG Leaders ) can place their MEMBERS to both sides of your Account JUST to MAKE SURE you Make Money.


c)     If my TEAM and I be recruited UNDER You, MOSTLY you would be ONE Leg STRONG and the other Leg WEAK.


d)    If this situation OCCURS, I CAN’T HELP you by PUTTING my MEMBERS for You as I am below YOU.


e) MANY online MLM Networkers NOW are learning to be the Leaders. If you were NOT the Leaders in the past, then most likely you Would end up ½ cooked Leaders.


f)      Be SMART, it is Your LIFE, To Be Succeed in MLM Business you MUST Join A TRUE LEADER in the RIGHT Team. NOT to mentioned in the RIGHT MLM Company.


g)     Which path is EASIER for you to SUCCEED, DECISION is Yours.


h)    JOIN me NOW or you CAN try to learn to Become a Leader or TRY to RECRUIT me into your Team.



Thank you for your Confidence in me.

I want you to consider to Book 1 to 3 accounts, or at least 1 account as World Pioneer for this business NOW as reasons below:-

1. Maqui Berry now is World No.1 Product compared to other fruits, World highest anti oxidant ORAC, best product to fight and preventing Cancer, beside many other benefits.


2. This Good Health Product Maqui Berry, you and your family must eat.


3. This Product would be in Great Demand, I mean WORLD DEMAND because of the benefits.


4. Nutrient fruits juice market is USD 30,000, 000, 000 per year. Previous 2 champions mangosteen and acai berry got US few billions sales per year.


5. Maqui Berry definitely do better.


6. 50 to 55% of billions sales are the commission for members, if you are the Pioneer members, then you got the chance to share this few billions US Dollars.


7. Now, I want you to be a SMART investor, Book your position today, join force with me, the products for your family would send to you by the company courier service.


8. This product is still very new in the market, whole World 120 countries and more not started yet. Therefore this is the Biggest opportunity in life, plus since it is new, it would be BIG momentum.


9. bHIP offers highest pay out, capable leaders can earn up to USD 400,000 per month or more.


10. The comp plan of bHIP is no flush policy and 3 generation over ride commissions of all your direct sponsors, this is infinity, China and India are our best markets and targets.


11. bHIP monthly maintenance fee is low and very reasonable, it is 1 bottle of Maqui Berry per month for own family use, it is around USD 36 per month. Most family buy more than 2 bottles per month for own health.


12. Since the monthly maintenance fee is low and affordable, therefore every members maintain and thus the survive rate of members for this MLM Company is VERY GOOD.


13. Because of the good surviving rate, the Team members increases very fast each day and Team volume increases rapidly for top leaders to claim USD 400,000 or more per month.


14. Please act now, don’t delay, otherwise all your overseas leaders might grabbed by others.


15. If you can decide, I would put you in a Very Good position, together with my strong leaders so that this small pack of leaders helping each others to quickly claim USD 400,000 per month to make the whole MLM Industry curious.


16. Today 1 leader who got business contacts from China, India, and Indonesia just joined me.


17. My personal Vietnam, Indonesia ( previous members from super lutein ) are coming soon as well.


18. It is my intention to put all these leaders together with YOU in this small pack of leaders, helping each other to make money.


19. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are expecting to open within 30 to 60 days from now.


20. The bHIP office would be in Mid Valley, now under renovation and would be officially open at the end of April 2011.


21. Waiting for your reply, be a smart investor.



noted, point taken.

i answer u all in details asap,

my upline Leader mr ryan n wife r old timer, key person who conduct all functions n meetings,

i will get info n share whatever i know asap, maybe u like to meet him or contact him direct as i already mentioned to him that u might join force v me to market , indo, thailand, vietnam, now n soon china n india market, step by step.

I’m new in this MLM business, but i have recruited many top leaders in Asia Countries…

many so called top leaders, still struggle in MLM industry, i can do better than most of them in d MLM industry says after 3 yrs,

if anyone in MLM business after 5 yrs NO make it to success, then these people cannot be a very TRUE LEADER, to me they r failure, but i still need these people to be my general…, my team partners

a true leader n businessman after 5 yr in this industry do not need to work in their entire life, if they r ambitious, soon u see these leaders set up their own MLM co

be independent, know when n which MLM co to join, as long as few leaders like ryan n evon to conduct regular n oversea meetings, send all yr people to them as they r happy to train as because they r , 001, 002, pioneer members of co.

we form our own pack/pact to help each other n all our downlines, otherwise, u n me would be d old timers but fail and after 5 yrs still struggling.

send this message to yr team members who asked about me as i NOW got leaders in several countries, join harmonybest team

no to worry, i would no take yr leaders n downlines as i like to team up v yr team, n everyone make good income in 2 to 3 yrs

Now PLEASE think CAREFULLY, a group v momentum but heartless Leaders, then 3 yrs later, this group no more noises, as my 95% of members died off and 5% of these Leaders JUMPED into another MLM Company and START Their STUPID things AGAIN.


or YOU join a group v all leaders helping each other n their hard working downlines, even by putting 2 sides when needed, so after 2 to 3 yrs, all members can ve money and Leaders even EARN MORE.


send this message to yr people as i also still learning……, when ready, my few Corporate Friends and I would set up our OWN MLM Company to HELP MORE people around the WORLD.