Effect of manganese content on the air conditioner foil

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Air-conditioning foil users were generally require air-conditioning foil adapted to the mechanical properties of deep drawing process, to yield strength of aluminium foil for air conditioner, elongation and Erichsen value with higher requirements, the surface quality in addition to require a good shape, hydrophilic foil for air conditioner foil material surface wettability have strict requirements, general require the surface wettability to A standard. 

Because of the great potential of aluminum foil for air conditioner market,Guest Posting currently engaged in air-conditioning foil manufacturers are more and more, air-conditioner foil in the future market competition will become increasingly fierce, so as air conditioner foil manufacturers, while meet performance and surface quality requirements of the air conditioner foil users, should try to reduce the production cost. Through the analysis of the content of manganese in materials chemical composition, to determine an optimal control range, makes the subsequent pass can get excellent performance at lower annealing temperatures in fire process, to a certain extent, can reduce the production cost.

According to user requirements for air conditioner foil performance, decided to adopt the incomplete annealing process to meet the requirements of the products’ half hard state. The annealing temperature selection generally determine the recrystallization temperature above 100 DEG in the alloy at 200, but in order to prevent coarse grain, surface oxidation, inhale and reduce the recrystallization texture and so on, should reduce the upper annealing temperature or low temperature. The annealing time depends on the loading amount, the thickness of the product, the temperature distribution and the thermal efficiency of the annealing furnace. Generally with increasing temperature, the loading amount of annealing furnace inhomogeneity increases, product thickness increasing and reducing annealing furnace heat efficiency, annealing time to lengthen, all products but the furnace heat preservation time should not exceed the loading to the annealing temperature and the time required for the appropriate.

Manganese powder as an important additive in alloy, can prevent aluminum alloy recrystallization process, improve the recrystallization temperature, and can significantly refine recrystallized. Refinement of recrystallized grain is mainly through the manganese compound dispersoid particle on the recrystallization behavior hinder. Another effect of manganese is forming compounds with iron impurities, reduce the harmful effects of iron, this is also the reason why the tensile strength of alloy containing manganese is higher than the low content of manganese in the same conditions. But with the increase of manganese content, the recrystallizing temperature increase, to achieve the same degree of crystallization need higher temperature to complete. Therefore, high containing alloy manganese at 325 can achieve the incomplete recrystallization annealing in this experiment, the elongation can meet the requirements of air conditioner foil users, compared to the low manganese content alloy, annealing cost of equipment increases, the requirements of annealing furnace increases. But as the annealing temperature continues to rise, reached 360, the refined grain is continue to grow up, macroscopic performance with the decrease of the yield strength, elongation rate also fell, the sample in tensile test can be observed obviously in "Snow", it said the bright annealing at this temperature exist significant grain growth trend.

According to metal powder supplier, produced air-conditioning foil by alloy, the manganese powder content should be controlled in 0.05%, annealing temperature at 290 can meet requirements of performance. Manganese as an important alloying element, exists in the alloy can improve the crystallization degree, at the same time, improve the yield strength of the alloy.

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