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An article on status of stationery industry. Read about latest trends and developments Worldwide.  

There is an upsurge in demand for stationery products from office,Guest Posting businesses and general public. Why is this happening in spite of automation, Internet and computerization of most of our services?

Well automation and services do not do without paper, while the Internet a paperless medium needs back up of physical nature. Hence paper comes into picture. People are still habitual of storing information in letters, books and ledger. There has been a substantial increase in businesses using paper based packaging items, especially those with environmental concerns.
We will never do away with paper stationery since it is an indelible part of our lives.

All innovations in communication industry have evolved using paper well in case of some it is highly developed paper sheets and rolls. As the industry develops it creates demands for technology based stationary items as in case of thermal paper, colored inks in use since the development if inkjet and thermal papers. Many emerging forms of printing technologies are creating demands for products day by day.

Other factors that are contributing to continuous demand are development of education infrastructure everywhere. As technology evolves we will witness the emergence of many institutions. The market is tuned to attain a volume of 200 billion plus, it is furthered fueled by growing human populations globally. Incidentally United States ranks as the largest market in the World.

With emergence of rapid industrialization, skilled workforce is at its peak thus creating demand for paper communication products along with items of office use. Lifestyle changes promoting personal communication like wishes, greetings and related feelings are on the increase, and a greeting card does a better job than an email.

But developments of new products with perpetual developments and innovation are going to take the major share. The biggest development will take place in printing sphere. With ever increasing range of products the market is certainly going to be very stable with great growth potential. This is good news for manufacturer, specialist retailers and online stationary stores.

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