How concious are you about life... a dolphins message to corporate

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The corporate leaders should know about dolphins and how it breath only then they can develop....

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How conscious are we about our life?  How conscious we have to be about our life?  Are we really conscious about how our heart beats,Guest Posting how the food we eat gets digested, how respiration occurs etc?   Have these questions been ever asked by a corporate man?


Much of the biological process in our system happens without our command or direct involvement. Imagine, if our system ever demands that we should consciously direct, guide and participate in their functioning?  How busy we will be.  Will we feel happy to be busy?


People in the corporate are largely aware of their job brief, targets to achieve and the responsibilities expected out of them.  Many people often say that they are too busy as many responsibilities are given to them.  Therefore they do not have adequate time even to refresh or rejuvenate, many would claim. 


For all of us, responsibility is only at the social or professional or family level.  We have no responsibility to ensure our heart beats within the rhythm, stomach digest the food we eat in time, lungs breathe etc.  Therefore we are and need not be conscious of these functions in our body.  


Look at the life of dolphins.  Even to breathe, they have to be alert and conscious.  If they become less conscious, they go breathless and would die.  Because of this reason only dolphins are adapted to sleep with one eye closed while the other eye remains open.  Half of the brain of dolphins goes to sleep while the other half remains active. 


Corporate people need to look at this example carefully and must ask whether they are also created like dolphins.  Many thousands of functions in our body are happening without our direct involvement or participation.  None of the functions like cell division or assimilation etc., ever demand our participation.  We can be as careless and casual as we wants until we are sick.   But for dolphins, even to breath, they have to directly participate in the process by being conscious. 


Once we understand the fact that how much freedom and carelessness we have from our biological angle, we can become more responsible at least in our professional space.   Like how nature has created dolphins, whether any corporate ever demand the employees to be as conscious and as responsible like a dolphin? 


Be conscious and responsible for what you are supposed to do and what you need not.   May be to make the corporate man more responsible in his corporate life, the nature would have created dolphins so he can use dolphins as best example to learn. 


Whether you feel pity or get amused with dolphins, be responsible and conscious of your duties and responsibilities in corporate is what the nature is conveying. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai 

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Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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