How DevOps Can Help Scale Your Startup?

Dec 14




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DevOps consists of tools and services that help an organisation to develop and deliver their applications at a faster pace. This thereby increases the reliability, authenticity, and trust of the consumer over the organisation. And, for a start-up what’s better than happy customers?


A few years ago,How DevOps Can Help Scale Your Startup? Articles when the market of software and business started to collaborate, the software was merely a part of the business. But now, in the contemporary time and in coming years, it’s the software around which the entire business is going to revolve around. Thus, for the companies developing software, it becomes even more essential to develop better and upgraded software at a greater pace. Here comes the role of DevOps and DevOps Services company.

DevOps not only develops the applications at a faster rate but also ensures the security and authenticity of an application. DevOps services under AWS (a DevOps service provider) provide fine-grained controls, automated compliance policies, and configuration management techniques to ensure the security of the application being developed. 

Here is a list of 4 solid reasons why DevOps is the best partner for those willing to start their own business, especially those in software development, to help them scale their growth and set up a good name in this competitive market.

  • A bug free Application is a risk-free application:

DevOps solutions offer continuous monitoring to find and fix bugs in a developing and developed application. When identified in earlier stages, these bugs can be removed before they cause big problems including crashing your app. Thus, the DevOps solutions help save potential costs that one might have to put in maintenance and repair of the applications crashed due to bugs. The solution providers devops solutions ensure the warning and alert systems being incorporated in the developed applications thus, getting them under a continuous check to avoid mishaps.

  • Day to Day Compilation:

The applications are developed and prepared in various parts by different teams. In the traditional testing methods, an entire part of the development was testing which was done after the development of the entire application or with the help of stubs and drivers. This was a time taking process and could not work concurrently with the development of the application.

In the case of DevOps, this process has been highly simplified and made faster to ensure an increased pace of development of a deployable application. The DevOps solution providers have employed tools that collect the entire development details of the application over a decided period of time during the development stage (be it daily, weekly, fortnightly), checks them for possible errors and bugs, and provides with the analysed details. These detailed reports help the developers identify possible loopholes, bugs, and errors in the program thus rectifying them before moving towards further development.

  • Upgradation goes hand in hand with the use of application remaining unaffected:

The upgraded code that is finalised after going through the rigorous testing phase is automatically upgraded in the application. This DevOps solution allows easy access of the user towards the latest features of the application without any issues. This also improves the quality usage of an application without causing difficulties to the users.

The admin can easily update the code on DevOps and further, the code is automatically deployed, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring.

  • Data Backup:

An automatic data backup option is provided in service providers devops services that ensure saving the crucial data parts, code etc. of your application. This prevents you from the wastage of time and work input put up to recreate the entire code in case of data loss due to any reason.

The data backup service helps you protect and secure your important data and code that is difficult to retrieve once lost. It also avoids any kind of plagiarism of the original content and thus helps in maintaining originality, uniqueness, and security.

In this fast moving and competitive world, the newbies have to maintain, cope, and compete with the pace of existing companies and thus, the best possible service to help them is DevOps. It does not just maintain and increase the pace but also provides security and increases the reliability of the developed application and devops consulting services devops. Thus, attracting more and more customers and helping to establish the start-ups against the multinational existing enterprises.

DevOps is the answer to all the complexities of the application development process.