Why DevOps is Trending

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DevOps is a composite term for Development and operations. It is an organization that facilitates rapid application development and deployment. It promotes shorter, controllable iterations by adapting the best methods in automation and data management. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster speed than traditional software development strategies.

The Spiking Popularity of DevOps

 Google trends report DevOps to have shown exceptional growth since 2019 after its birth in 2010.  Indeed 2019 was a flagship year for DevOps.

 At a higher level,Guest Posting the introduction of DevOps into the industry is squeezing more efficiency out of once- an experimental program, baking more resilience and making software pipelines compliant.

 An analysis by Google has figured numerous companies that have incorporated DevOps into their systems.

Reasons Why DevOps is trending:

These could be a few reasons why DevOps is trending.

DevSecOps- Security gets more priority in the development lifecycle ever than before. Security has become everyone's opportunity rather than just security experts.

DevSecOps- gives more importance to security. It creates security awareness and shares information within the organization to improve the security in the software development process.

For example, the Capital One Bridge made cloud security a concerning factor, and hence securing data in the cloud had become extremely risky.

The failure of Samsung Note 7 is a classic example of how security is crucial during the initiation of a software cycle.

 The initial steps of DevOps include Continuous integrations and continuous delivery, Real-time surveillance, incident response systems, and collaboration platforms.


Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning and DevOps

The development of software has revolutionized the DevOps methodology, cloud-native approach, and microservices architecture. DevOps integrates testing and production environments. It provides first-hand experience to the developers of the problems that the software could face once in the application. 

 Applying AI and ML to the DevOps pipelines can help you run builds and automation efficiently with closer insights.

 Engineers are now moving from DevOps to data-offs and AI-offs which focus on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They learn from the logs and monitoring metrics to drive DevOps in a controlled pattern.

 DevOps is maturing with AI making life simpler for developer’s operation engineers and the DevOps Engineers.


Maximizes Efficiency with Automation

Almost everything today happens over the internet. Every company is transforming into an IT company providing some particular services.

For an organization, the software is the critical element that generates sales and business. A successful DevOps initiative requires a mindset that brings greater collaboration between multiple teams-product, engineering, security,  and IT Operations.

Hence automation of software deployment and infrastructure provision the key to all modern businesses. Thus improving the software efficiency in a reliable and secure way.


Optimizes the Entire Business

DevOps course enables organizations to optimize the whole system.

It transforms organizations to become adaptive and data-driven to align seamlessly with the customer and business needs.

Improves the speed and stability of software development and deployment.

Analysis of a DevOps organization over consecutive years has shown an excellent growth graph. Improved efficiency is observed with better software deployment speed and stability.


Focus on Humans than Machines

The smooth functioning of DevOps is furnished by the people and not the tools. They form the key role players who increase your odds of success.

A DevOps evangelist is a cogent leader who can explain the benefits business can reap by incorporating DevOps into the system.

An automation specialist can develop strategies for CI and deployment, monitoring pre and post-production systems.


Better communication and Cooperation

A common team that monitors development and operations is much tangible than those sectored designations. When both the fields work together, goals are focused rather than individual performances.

The team focuses on producing an efficient marketable product. There is no wait and no laundering of tasks. The processes become crystal clear and efficient.


Reduced Costs and IT Staff.

DevOps cuts down staff management and operation costs.

And to add the cherry on top effect, the pandemic anyways demand social distancing; DevOps helps us maintain the efficiency with minimum staff too.

With 65% of organizations adopting DevOps as their primary methodologies. DevOps is seen to be trending in the industry tremendously.

2020 seems, like a bright year for DevOps and a precursor to many successful future systems.

The uncountable technical benefits of DevOps has made it the paramount decision for corporate.

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