How economy gets benefitted through Canada immigration?

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IMF has released a report regarding the productivity of Canadian immigrants which shows that immigrants make immense contribution to a host economy.  It shows that Canada immigration benefits an economy by immigrants contributing more to the taxes through their incomes.

It’s important that for such contributions to be made the foreign immigrants are well integrated into the labor force. We need to understand what are the ways in which the foreign labor can be well integrated into the Canadian labor force?

  • The labor needs to be trained well in the Canadian languages and skills required in the Canadian labor market.
  • It’s also important that the immigrants are able to get jobs in Canada which match with their qualifications. The skills of the immigrants should be recognized effectively through apt Canadian certification. This will reduce the chances of educated unemployment,Guest Posting which means that highly skilled labor is becoming a part of occupations requiring low skills.
  • If the immigrants want to go into entrepreneurship, they can do so if the Canadian government introduces reforms in the product market facilitating the entry of new entrepreneurs.

The implementation of all these changes requires increase in government spending but is extremely beneficial for the growth of GDP.

As per the statistics released in this Canada immigration report, the wards of the Canadian immigrants perform better in studies than their Canadian counterparts.

This report also says that chances of owning a business are better among Canadian immigrants than the native population of this country.


Talking about the contribution of low skilled immigrants to Canada GDP, they contribute to those industries for which there is not sufficient local labor force. For example, immigrants with low skills become a part of the meat processing industry. Such immigrants can also provide domestic services to the Canadian natives.

In fact, there are marked diversities in the educational statistics among the children of Canadian immigrants and those of natives. The percentage of children among Canadian immigrants who are able to complete high school is 91.6% whereas that of Canadian natives is 88.8%. The difference in percentages of those being able to complete university education among Canadian immigrants is 35.9% whereas this percentage is only 24.4% among Canadian born natives.

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