How to design and print an excellent catalog?

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How to make your company quickly grab the customer's attention and make customers interested in it? Designing and printing a distinctive catalog can make your company stand out in the fierce market competition.

When making a catalog for your company and your products, what should we pay attention to? We will answer for you in terms of design and printing.

Catalog design:

The main function of the product catalog is to introduce,Guest Posting publicize, and promote your company and your products.

Therefore, catalog printing with an excellent design can make everyone feel fashionable and novel, and attract target customer's attention.

Catalog design is not only concerned with the photography, design, and printing of the content.

We should pay more attention to how to improve the communication of product with the target audience, and how to reflect the product's advantage. 

Step 1: Fully understand the company culture and their product;

Step 2: According to the catalog printing, analyze the target customers and markets that the catalog will faces;

Step 3: Based on the corporate image, in-depth and comprehensive represent your company and the products in the catalog;

Step 4: Use beautiful illustrations and excellent catalog printing to complete the catalog design.


The following points need your special attention:

  1. The catalog should maintain the original brand style;
  2. Make content positioning based on the main customers of the catalog;
  3. The cover needs to intuitively reflect the relationship between the customer and the product;
  4. The company's brand logo needs to appear more so that guests will have a deeper memory;
  5. Symbols are used in the catalog design to allow customers to have a direct association with the product;
  6. Show the company's strength through text and illustration layout.


Catalog printing:

The requirements for catalog printing are very high, and many customers' standards are bright picture colors and good printed products.

To achieve this standard, it is necessary to adopt good printing materials, printing size, and printing process in the catalog printing, so as to ensure a satisfactory product.

An ideal catalog is printed, and the corporate image can be represented if they focus on the catalog printing and design process.

  1. Printing materials.
    Coated paper is a common and inexpensive printing paper.

However, the coated paper also has different grams. When catalog printing, the paper of covers and content pages is also very different. Therefore, the paper type should be confirmed in the catalog designed and not later than before catalog printing.

  1. Printing size.

The common size is 16K, but companies can customize the catalog printing size according to their own design.

At the same time, in catalog printing, how to open the catalog, horizontally, vertically, or in opposite directions? It also should be designed.

  1. Printing process.

After printing the catalog, many companies found that the product cannot meet the design requirements. Because they do not pay attention to the catalog printing process.

A special process in catalog printing, can increase the overall beauty and increase the display effect.

The most convenient and safe way is to choose a reliable and professional printing company such as

The above advice is suitable for making an ordinary catalog. If you want to make a catalog of boutique grade, you can refer to this article: how to design and printing an excellent catalog by a senior printer in China from a professional printing company.


Last but not least, in addition to the printing and design of the catalog, special attention should be paid to the production of the catalog after printing.

Only by paying attention to the post-production of the catalog can you avoid page errors and other binding errors, so as to ensure the good quality of the brochure. Therefore, the post-production of brochure printing cannot be ignored.

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