How to choose the first book for your child

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Children's books printing has vivid and brightly colored pictures. It is a good way for children to start reading and exploring the world, and Children's books can help them learn from “learn to read” to “read to learn”. But how to choose a good book for a child is a big challenge for parents, and it is also a course that parents should learn by themselves.

What kind of books are good children's books? Even the children's book authors have different ideas about it,Guest Posting so it is really not easy to judge a book is good or not. Parents are racking their brains in choosing good children's books for their kids. Perhaps some people will say why not choose books in accordance with the recommended book list and award-winning book catalog? But think it over, the so-called "Children's favorite books" are really suitable for your kids? Even the winning books, also can not guarantee the real value.

This year, My friend who in the children's book printing industry, gave me some useful suggestions about "Choose the best books for children". Therefore, I bought many children's board book for my baby. The quality of these books is very good, the content is very rich and educational.

In children’s book printing, board books are specially designed for children aged 6 months to 3 years old. The biggest advantage of children’s board book printing in China is it can withstand the toss, no matter how to throw it, it will not break, and it will not be torn. It is very suitable for 1-2-year-old babies. As the first books that children come into contact with in life, the design of board books is becoming more and more varied, providing parents with many choices.


  1. One set of the pop-up book:

One set of 4 pop-up books, exactly 4 colors (yellow, green, blue, red), 4 scenes (garden, pond, ocean, farm). There is a small window for every 2 pages to open, it can satisfy the curiosity of babies.


  1. "Superhero Potty Time" by Sue DiCicco

Regarding children's toilet training, parenting experts have many suggestions and requirements. For me, letting children happily have the concept and requirements of going to the toilet can form a habit.

The author is very considerate, distinguishing between boys and girls in design, "Superhero Potty Time" for boy, "Princess Potty Time" for girl.


  1. "Polite Elephant" by Richard Scarry

There are two versions of this book: board book and paper book. This is a book about explains basic etiquette, which can help children understand politeness since childhood.

Regarding basic politeness, it is indeed part of the "family education" that must be trained from an early age. Parents should also set an example! The "thank you" and "please" at home should be mentioned at any time. Now my child’s sentence pattern is: "Can I ask for a glass of water?" Or "Can I ask for that book?". Rather than simply: "Give me a glass of water" or "I want that book". This is probably the power of the environment, and children are very malleable.


  1. "10 Little Rubber Ducks" by Eric Carle

There are many books by Eric Carle, but not many books are printed and designed hardboard books. This one is relatively rare. This book tells the story. A group of small plastic ducks in a factory was ship overturned during the delivery of the cargo and floated on the sea and encountered various animals.

Eric Carle's book not only has a plot but also has some knowledge points worth learning for children:

1) The concept of ordinal number;

2) Some animals related to water and ocean;

3) "Identity" theme.


  1. "A Child's Good Morning Book" by Margaret Wise Brown

This is a book about getting up & morning. There are 4 children in the story, and they have different skin colors and hair colors. This design idea is very helpful to cultivate children's concept of equality from an early age. The so-called "concept" is a subtly cultivated idea. The reason I recommend this book is because although adults have a concept of equality in the adult world, in children’s education, the concept of equality should also be established.


In the 1-2-year-old baby stage, it is not about asking children to learn what to master but to let them do something to attract their attention. The hardboard books have colors and patterns, plus the voice of the parents, giving the children the initial stimulation from the outside world, and it is very durable and recommended.

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