Instant Access To China, India And Few Other Asia Countries And VERY SOON, harmonybest Team ATTRACTS

Apr 26


Victor Lim Chee Seong

Victor Lim Chee Seong

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To be SUCCEED in MLM Business, you must joined under the True Leader, the DECISION is Yours.

1.        Strong Leader Above Or Below,Instant Access To China, India And Few Other Asia Countries And VERY SOON, harmonybest Team ATTRACTS Articles Which One Is Better ? Many Western Top MLM Leaders tried and still trying to Recruit me and 2.        they are very eager to Penetrate the Asia Countries, China, and India Markets.  

3. My ADVICE is “ Be SMART “.

a)     You DON’T have to WASTE time and effort Recruiting me UNDER you;

as You Gain INSTANT Access to Asia, China, and India BILLION Markets ONLY by JOINING FORCE with ME.


b)    It is BETTER off when there are a few of STRONG Leaders above YOU so that we ( These STRONG Leaders ) can place their MEMBERS to both sides of your Account JUST to MAKE SURE you Make Money.


c)     If my TEAM and I be recruited UNDER You, MOSTLY you would be ONE Leg STRONG and the other Leg WEAK.


d)    If this situation OCCURS, I CAN’T HELP you by PUTTING my MEMBERS for You as I am recruited by you at the bottom.


e)     MANY online MLM Networkers NOW are learning to be the Leaders. If you were NOT the Leaders in the past,

Then most likely you Would end up ½ cooked Leaders.


f)      Be SMART, it is Your LIFE,

To be SUCCEED in MLM Business, you must joined under the True Leader in the RIGHT Team, not to mention in the RIGHT company.


g)     Which path is EASIER for you to SUCCEED, the DECISION is Yours.


h)    JOIN me NOW or you CAN try to learn to Become a Leader or TRY to RECRUIT me into your Team.


Email me DIRECT

or CONTACT my Fellow Friends,  MLM Leaders

·         India =

·         China =

·         Malaysia =

·         Indonesia =

·         Thailand =

·         Vietnam =

·         Philippines =

List of emails of my harmonybest Team Leaders at Respective countries SHALL BE PROVIDED SOON.


From: Ashwin Mane Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 1:55 AM To: Subject: Mangesh From India


Dear Victor,


My name is Mangesh M Mane. I have already send u a skype request to add me. Basically I am a full time networker and working into this industry from last 13 years.

From 2005 I am involved with International companies. My 1st was TNI, and later I was the 1st person to start 4life research in India in 2007.

You can see my pics in facebook as I was the 1st and the ONLY person to achieve the highest rank and fly to Salt Lake City in just a span of 3 months.

Right now I am involved with Monavie and have team outside India, bcoz India is not yet officially opened by Monavie.


I have been thru Maqui Juice information and had surfed this whole thing by my own, by putting lot of stuff in Google and Youtube. Where I have found ur website. I am very much Interested to start and be the 1st pioneer of this super anti-oxidant juice in India.

You must be definitely aware about the Indian market and it’s potential. Let us have a talk on what can be done here to open the Indian market, if at all you are interested to take upon the 2nd largest populated country after China.


We can work together to open it officially here in India.


Let us catch as early as possible and talk on what best can be done.


Mangesh M Mane




My dear friend, Mr. Mangesh M Mane.


1. Last month, few Monavie Malaysia top leaders started to join force with me to do Maqui from bHIP Global.


2. I introduced Maqui to them 4 months ago, but at that time, they just cannot switch as I know they are too comfortable in Monavie.


3. I also told them, if you don’t switch now or soon, then you would end up joining below your downline members and my prediction is RIGHT.


4. Now, lets us talk on Maqui Berry.


5. Maqui Berry 3 times HIGHER ORAC than Acai Berry ( Monavie ).


6. 4.5 times HIGHER ORAC value than mangosteen ( Xango ).


7. Last week we got a MIRACLE testimonial, a 4th stage ( final stage ) breast cancer woman was saved by Maqui Berry, as she taking this Great Health Product Maqui Berry, you can VIEW her testimony in my blog and SHARE this testimony with all your downlines.


8. Attached herewith 2 e-mails I sent to my friends in Africa and Indonesia MLM leaders for your perusal.


9. Please E-MAIL me to Book your Position so that I can place you in 1 GOOD SPOT with my China and Indonesia Leaders.


10. We MUST work together, helping each other so that each of us can quickly claim USD 400,000 per month or MORE in our Team.




Attached 1


When would bHIP open Business in Africa?

Patagonian Maqui Berry

1. My Dear friend, sorry for the late reply. After come back from my meditation retreat, a lot of office works.


2. Good health and well being to you and your family.


3. The Patagonian Maqui Berry is 3 times higher ORAC value than Monavie Acai Berry and 4.5 times higher than Xango mangosteen.


4. These last 2 MLM companies have USD billion turnover each year. So now Maqui Berry definitely can do better.


5. About 50 to 55% of sales volume are commission for members, that means members would get USD billion per year also, thus BEING THE PIONEER is very important, we can make a lot of money together  in years to come.


6. We would face the same custom problems as before in our previous dealing and I know you trust me 100% and very eager to join me harmonybest Team and to partner me. For that I salute your leadership, not give up spirit and your understanding.


7. The Good News is that this Maqui Berry USA MLM Company is not like the Japan MLM company, they are willing to open new markets provided YOU, the leader and your down line leaders shown commitment, let me explain below.


8. You my friend as the key person:

ÏYou Invite 10 serious leaders or more


Ï Ask these 10 leaders to invite their members


Ï Fill up the Binary tree for those who are serious in MLM Business.


ÏMust fill up all the gaps in the binary trees under you. So that ALL harmonybest Team members i.e. you, me and all members can have a steady comfortable monthly income.


Ï All top leaders maximum open 3 accounts.


Ï We have to practice “Non Greed, Non Selfish system” in order to succeed, otherwise, we will fail like many other old timers MLM Networkers who are still struggle and broker even in the MLM Business for  more than 15 years.


Ï Top leaders open 3 accounts maximum but focus ONLY on 1st accounts during the first 3 years in order to help down line members to make money.


Ï Do Not be greedy to start 2nd and 3rd account the first 3 years. You must tell all your members to do the same.


ÏMust help down lines to survive and make money. Long run, long term then we ALL of us would have income, otherwise after 9 months of hard work, 90% members Non active again, then we all failed.


9. Ask all your members to fill up the detail such as name, passport number or identity number, their e-mail etc., FREE, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Ask them quickly to sign up to book their positions.


10. Once you and your leaders have a group of members of 300 people or 500 or 1000 people then contact me quickly.


11. I would discuss with the President to officially set up office in your Africa countries, they are very keen to expand provided LEADERS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES can help them to get the relevant approval plus also these leaders can immediately start with 300 or 1000 members straight away.


12. Only then, the President can consider setting up office as this incur with expenses such as office, admin, shipping of products and storage of products etc.,


13. Because of your experience in MLM Business and also you have assisted other MLM company in getting approval therefore I’m convincing that the President would ask you or appoint you to obtain the approval.



Would you do this for me, my dear friend?


Can you perform the above task?


If the answer is YES, then God Bless Africa.


14. This USA MLM is not like Japan MLM Company, Japan Company slow in making decision and they plan themselves in their heads, they do not listen to their members and leaders.


15. My best wishes to you and waiting for your reply


16. P/s: kindly refer to my latest article in blog as you can see some miracle testimony ( Patagonian Maqui Berry saved a life of a 4 stage Breast Cancer Woman ).


17. P/s: Please to let you know that bHIP have other Good Products such as Pleasur, herbal energy drinks, anti aging cosmetic besides Patagonian Maqui Berry.


My dear Friend, Mr. Mangesh M Mane.

I WANT You to do EXACTLY the Proposal I Share with my African Friends and CONTACT ALL your TOP Downlines.


When READY, YOU and ME would be the MAIN KEY PERSONS to open up the India Market plus China & Asia Market below YOU.





Attached 2


Thankx for your reply in facebook.

I still want you to consider to Book 1 to 3 accounts,or at least 1 account as World Pioneer for this business as reasons below:-


1. Maqui Berry now is World No.1 Product compared to other fruits, World highest anti oxidant ORAC, best product to fight and preventing Cancer, beside many other benefits


2. This Good Health Product Maqui Berry, you and your family must eat.


3. This Product would be in Great Demand, I mean WORLD DEMAND because of the benefits.


4. Nutrient fruits juice market is USD 30,000, 000, 000 per year. Previous 2 champions mangosteen and acai berry got US few billions sales per year.


5. Maqui Berry definitely do better.


6. 50 to 55% of billions sales are the commission for members, if you are the Pioneer members, then you got the chance to share this few billions US Dollars.


7. Now, I want you to be a SMART investor, Book your position today, join force with me, the products for your family would send to you by the company courier service.


8. This product is still very new in the market, whole World 120 countries and more not started yet. Therefore this is the Biggest opportunity in life, plus since it is new, it would be BIG momentum.


9. bHIP offers highest pay out, capable leaders can earn up to USD 400,000 per month or more.


10. The comp plan of bHIP is no flush policy and 3 generation over ride commissions of all your direct sponsors, this is infinity, China and India are our best markets and targets.


11. bHIP monthly maintenance fee is low and very reasonable, it is 1 bottle of Maqui Berry per month for own family use, it is around USD 36 per month. Most family buy more than 2 bottles per month for own health.


12. Since the monthly maintenance fee is low and affordable, therefore every members maintain and thus the survive rate of members for this MLM Company is VERY GOOD.


13. Because of the good surviving rate, the Team members increases very fast each day and Team volume increases rapidly for top leaders to claim USD 400,000 or more per month.


14. Please act now, don’t delay, otherwise all your overseas leaders might grabbed by others.


15. If you can decide, I would put you in a Very Good position, together with my strong leaders so that this small pack of leaders helping each others to quickly claim USD 400,000 per month to make the whole MLM Industry curious.


16. Today 1 leader who got business contacts from China, India, and Indonesia just joined me.


17. My personal Vietnam, Indonesia ( previous members from super lutein ) are coming soon as well.


18. It is my intention to put all these leaders together with YOU in this small pack of leaders, helping each other to make money.


19. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are expecting to open within 30 to 60 days from now.


20. The bHIP office would be in Mid Valley, now under renovation and would be officially open at the end of April 2011.


21. Waiting for your reply, Be a SMART Investor.


MLM China “Gold Rush” USD 400,000/month Be The Pioneer of China Market Follow the Right Leaders in the Right Team.

Must Join with the Right MLM Company.

Do Not Miss Opportunity in Life Again. harmonybest Team, Leaders of Asia just entered MLM CHINA Market on December 2010. We can HELP you build thousands and thousands of China and Asia members below you. EVERYONE IN harmonybest Team MAKE MONEY. QUICKLY FILL UP YOUR DETAILS, SO THAT I CAN UPDATE YOU OUR LATEST MARKET DIRECTIONS AND STRATEGIES IN CHINA