Global Melt Down? USA, Europe, and most Western Countries. YOU GOT NO CHOICE.

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NO MATTER HOW AND WHAT SOLUTION THE US GOVERNMENT INTRODUCE AND IMPLEMENT, it is very difficult to come out from this deep and big problems.


1. In coming years,Guest Posting there is an estimation of 60 million to 70 million of USA citizens are retiring, getting their pension fund.


2. Says USD 2,000 per month per person × 70,000,000 people × 12 month per year = USD 140,000,000,000. That is USD 140 billion per year.


3. Can USA, America afford this huge amount USD 140 billion per year for the next 15 years for just this group of retirees. How about other government expenses, military expenses etc.,?


4. High trade deficit, Current financial crisis, closure of financial institutions, housing properties and real estate collapsed.


5. High inflation and high unemployment due to out source market in China and India.


6. If the US government try to fight against high inflation by increase the interest rate, then this would cause slow down of businesses and thus depression came in. NO MATTER HOW AND WHAT SOLUTION THE US GOVERNMENT INTRODUCE AND IMPLEMENT, it is very difficult to come out from this deep and big problems.


7. This big problems is going to stay for at least 10 to 15 years and during these period of times, many of the US citizens are going to suffer financially, physically and mentally.


8.  The rich getting richer, as because they have so much of opportunities for profits from the world.


9. The middle class getting poorer and the poor getting poorer and no way out.


10. What alternative do you have?


11.  What solutions can the leaders of America come out?


12.  You have No Other Choice, but to join a MLM Company, either you like it or not.


13. Why MLM Company?


14. As it is the smallest CAPITAL INVESMENT, and if you follow the Right team and a Good Leader who guide you and train you plus give you the system to succeed, then it is better off than being employed even if you can get a job.


15. Most likely the US leaders would inject more US currency to stimulate the economic growth; this would cause higher rate of inflation and the devaluation of US currency further and further.


16. When this scenario happens, the stock mrket is going to crash.


17. The oil prices, the food and commodity are going to rise.


18. Today, almost all countries are closely follow the market trend of America. So when the US currency lost its value and the stock market crash, then you see the global effect that means global financial crisis, GLOBAL MELT DOWN.


19. So what is the surest bet?


20. For the smart investors, anytime is good time and the best time is everything is cheap in the world.


21. Some argue gold and silver are the best bet, but some say food and commodity is more important.


22. But for the poor and middle class and those unemployed, the MLM Business is the best bet.


23.MLM Business is going to be the in the global trend because of global financial crisis and everyone is looking for chances and hope to make money with the smallest CAPITAL they have.


24. At the same time MLM Business is the GLOBAL BUSINESS ( International ) and with the internet online, you can do this International Business effectively and speedily .


25. This is big Business , due to World Population Suffer, this 80% of World Population is = billion of people on earth, and say only 1 or 2% of people coming to do MLM Business, this is a lot of people for you to invite them to become your members.


26. You must join with the team who know how to skillfully combine online with offline marketing. Plus the team leader gives you market direction and strategy.


27. I invite you to study and evaluate harmonybest Team and be part of the Asia No.1 MLM leaders in MLM Industry.


28. We can help you as harmonybest Team just entered MLM China market on December 2010 and we can build huge team volume of Asia countries and China members below you.

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