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harmonybest Team MLM Strategy / System90% of harmonybest Team members Succeed Making Money, ONLY 10% FAIL.
Without harmonybest Team System, as we know it would 90% FAILED and ONLY 10% Success.

Let Me HELP You. ( Be SMART & WISE This Time )


What is Your Reputation in the MLM Industry & what would be Your Team members THINK of YOU,Guest Posting if YOU Are CHANGING the MLM Company very Frequently from 1 to next and to the next MLM Company ?



Probably, NO Vision, NO Integrity, NO Sure, and NO Certainly, NO Stability, NO Leadership and NO Success.



1. No success = No income, So pitiful After all the Hard Work.


2. You got No choice, you jumped and switched MLM Companies due to poor income.


3. You NOT giving up, you continue in the MLM industry.


4. You have been in the MLM Industry for 5 years, 8 years, 9, 10, 15 years or more, but you STILL STRUGGLE, WHY ?


5. Why? Some things must be VERY WRONG, Either no vision, no ability in choosing the right MLM Company, No leadership, No System, No Team Work and so on. . .


6. When any person ventured into MLM Business for MORE than 5 years of Hard Work still NOT making a Comfortable Income, honestly you in my eyes, they have FAILED.


7. Admit yourself whether you ARE Success or Failure in your MLM Business.


DO NOT forget your original goal that is time and financial freedom. We ALL aim for this when we FIRST Joined a MLM Company and we prepared ourselves to Work Hard for 5 Years.


NOW, ARE You Successful, HAVE You GAIN Financial Freedom ?





Be smart and be wise this time.


9. I sincerely invite those who have In MLM Business for more than 5 years and still NOT earn a GOOD monthly income.


10. I also invite those who are STRUGGLE in MLM Business because of Lack of experience (  1 to 2 years of experience ).


11. If You are doing WELL in the MLM Business, then the 1st 2 years you should see your Income GROW, in this case I would STRONGLY Advise you to stay FOCUS in your MLM Company, otherwise YOU can Consider JOINING me, harmonybest Team and Let Me and my Team Members HELP You.


12. If you are a total new comer, and wanted to get into the MLM Industry, then I ask you to be VERY PATIENT, and you MUST try to learn as much as possible. ( online plus offline marketing ).


13. MOST Important is that You have to join with the RIGHT Team with many Top Leaders to HELP You.


14. If you have achieve certain status in your present MLM Company says USD 50,000 monthly, then you even NEED to consider to join force with me and my team.


So that, we all Top Leaders can quickly achieve USD 400,000 and MORE Per month.


15. They are so many thousands of MLM Companies in the world, after choosing the RIGHT MLM Company, all team members MUST helping each other to Make Money even by putting 2 sides for hardworking members when needed and STAY FOCUS & COMMIT in 1 MLM company for a period of 3 years.


16. In this situation, I am 100% confident that 90% of my team members would Make GOOD Monthly Income and ONLY 10% failed.


17. Otherwise, without Team Work and a GOOD System, then we would see 90% of MLM Members FAILED. And the 10% of Leaders have to change Company AGAIN from time to time and repeat all the STUPID Things.


18. NOW my question is Do you know how to choose the RIGHT MLM company?


19. Everyone think they are SMART?


Their MLM Company is the BEST?


They have chosen the RIGHT MLM Company this time.


Then they Work Hard Online & Offline Marketing, TRIED to be a Leader and also TRIED to Recruit Leaders into their Team.


ARE You REALLY a SMART person ?


ARE You SUCCESSFUL after 1 year, 2 years of Networking?


OR You ARE Struggling BADLY to SURVIVE ?


You can easily check yourself whether you are SUCCESSFUL or NOT.


You ONLY need to see your monthly income.


Are you SUCCESSFUL after 5 years of Hard Work?


If the answer is NOT, then please DON’T cheat yourself, WAKE UP and BE WISE This Time.

( denial and cheating yourself is the BIGGEST CRIME).



20. Some even like to STAY in the SAME MLM Company even they were NOT Making Money after 8 years, 10 years in the Business and they are STILL Work VERY Hard. Personally I met few of THIS Category people. ( I got NO COMMENT )


21. I admit I learn from my mistakes as well in my 1st MLM Company, what have I learn?


22. What I have learned from my 1st MLM Business Is what I share here, my articles in this blog.


23. Think CAREFULLY, should you or should You NOT JOIN me, and my harmonybest Team ?


24. Decision is entirely Yours.


25. Please DO NOT TRY to recruit me as I JUST SWICTHED from my FIRST MLM Company, Naturally Plus, Japan 5 months ago due to MANY of my Team Members were NOT ACTIVE because of the HIGH Monthly maintenance Fees even I TRY my level BEST to assist them.


26. NOW I JUST switched to bHIP, another reputable USA MLM Company with several GREAT Products in the World. The BEST part is bHIP offers HIGHEST pay out USD 400,000 per month or MORE for the CAPABLE Leaders plus the monthly maintenance fees is VERY LOW and Affordable for MOST members ONLY at USD 36.00.


27. I am COMMITED to ALL my Team Leaders and Members of harmonybest Team and I am going TO stay in bHIP and to EARN the HIGHEST in the near future.


28. Everyone who have the chance to read this article please JOIN FORCE with ME and harmonybest Team members and STAY FOCUS in this bHIP alone together for 3 years, then I CAN GUARANTEE You that 90% of harmonybest Team members Make MONEY, ONLY 10% FAILED as I have shared in my EARLIER Articles 2 months ago.


29. I Sincerely invite ALL MLM Networkers, New Comers and Top Leaders, whether you are STILL STRUGGLING or Earn USD 50,000 per month.


Please JOIN FORCE with ME NOW so that each and every one of us can have a Comfortable monthly income, since they are so many thousands of MLM Company divided our efforts.


EMAIL me DIRECT  victor@harmonybest.com ( DON’T Slip Your Chances in Life )









WORLD PEACE & harmonybest.


Many Western Top MLM Leaders tried and still trying to Recruit me and they are very eager to Penetrate the Asia Countries, China, and India Markets.


My ADVICE is “ Be SMART “.

a)     You DON’T have to WASTE time and effort Recruiting me UNDER you; You Gain INSTANT Access to Asia, China, and India BILLION Markets ONLY by JOINING FORCE with ME.

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