Italian Designer Apparel for Women and Men

May 25


Sarhley Smith

Sarhley Smith

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vincenzo d’eletto brand name is astounding. The over-all consensus amongst luxury customers is that vincenzo d’eletto is simply as good as it gets!


The mystery surrounding the vincenzo d’eletto brand name is astounding. Some say it’s the perfection of design and fit from his family roots in Chieti,Italian Designer Apparel for Women and Men Articles Italy. Many say it’s run by an enigmatic Italian fellow whose clandestine ways are only surpassed by the quality of his garments. Everyone who’s worn a vincenzo d’eletto garment whether it is a handmade full canvas suit or a hand finished dress shirt says it is produced in the best fabric in the world, and is one of the best fitting garments in the world, hands down. The over-all consensus amongst luxury customers is that vincenzo d’eletto is simply as good as it gets! One can see for themselves at:


Although scant detail is known of this clandestine Italian designer, it is widely accepted amongst menswear & womenswear mavens, that vincenzo d’eletto is like the Rolls Royce, a gold Rolex, or Beluga Caviar; Simply Elegant & expensive!


If that hasn’t peaked your interest, then how about the celebrities that wear a vincenzo d’eletto garment which is something of a secret society, for not just anyone can go about buying vincenzo d’eletto. You have to be met personally by the man behind the brand and judged worthy of his clothing. In short, vincenzo d’eletto is the gatekeeper as it were, to this secretive and selective fashion designer. Growing up with Italian grandparents who were suit makers in the apparel industry, vincenzo d’eletto knows how important quality is when it involves his clothing designs.


While many fashion design houses use newer sewing techniques at the altar of mass production, vincenzo d’eletto still applies master sewing techniques done by hand that give each and every garment a natural look and fit. Of course, these old-school techniques also sit side by side with the latest technology – though vincenzo d’eletto is modernized but the underlying message is, vincenzo d’eletto is different, if not a little bit special. As a result of using some of these older techniques with quality fabrics, it evidently shows in the price. But you know what they say: “Quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”


Before being sold to a customer, vincenzo d’eletto makes sure that each and every custom made garment fits and drapes perfectly when tried on by the customer in the final fitting stage. The benefits of doing so are not going to be questioned whatsoever since there is tremendous respect for any artisan who puts this much thought and energy into their finished garments.


Normally the domain of men & women you see mooring in St. Tropez on their yachts sipping a 1953 bottle of Dom Perigon champagne, vincenzo d’eletto clothing designs is also somewhat of an indulgence. Guaranteed, it’s the finest and most luxurious fitting garment you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing. It is expensive. It is exclusive. But it is quite simply, the best of the best. So, if you’re a connoisseur of high fashion Italian designer clothing, treat yourself and shop at; or make an appointment to visit our prestigious forthcoming Fifth Avenue Emporio in New York City.