Keep It Simple to Get Your New Products and Ideas Accepted

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New ideas are difficult to get accepted.  People are naturally opposed to change.  It scares them.  The key to getting products and ideas accepted is a to keep it simple.

Businesses,Guest Posting organizations, industries and people all have the need to get new ideas accepted. Innovation brings us new and interesting products and ideas, yet if we cannot get these ideas accepted then the new idea means nothing. It will flounder and die until it is picked up by someone else and presented in a way that it gets accepted. There are several important steps to assist with a new idea. These simple ideas have been used by companies and individual alike to get their product or innovation accepted.

Keep it simple! Even if the idea is extremely complex from your point of view, it has to be extremely simple to the customer or co-workers who you want to accept it. Apple is a perfect example of this theory. Every product that they develop is incredibly complex; however they present the products in a manner than makes them seem unbelievably simple. Part of this is good marketing. Everything is clean and crisp. The other part is functionality. They actually have made them simple to use. Keep apple in mind when you are ready to present a concept or idea. Unless it's simple, people will resist it. It's a natural reaction to change.

Present it in small steps! Part of keeping it simple is presenting it in increments. When it comes to change, people simply need to start small. If you show everything at once it will become overbearing. When car manufactures began using plastics in cars, they knew that an entire car made mostly of plastics would be resisted. Plastics were considered cheap and unsafe, so they introduced plastics incrementally. They started with the mirror and the door handles and gradually introduced plastics everywhere. People genuinely fear change. A small change is much easier than a large one to accept.

Clearly communicate the idea. The language of a new product or idea has to be simple. Complex language will intimidate people. Let's look at Apple again. The commercials and the language in them is simple and on clear white backgrounds. The names of the products are - iMac, iPhone, Ipod. Very simple and neat. They just sound easy to use. When you present the idea make sure your language is simple enough for every person who needs to accept it. Avoid technical jargon at all costs. Make sure your language shows that the product or idea will make life easier for them.

If you can't get your new idea or product accepted, you might as well not have the idea at all. Make sure you keep it simple, present it in small steps and communicate it clearly. People resist change, but if the idea is presented to them simply, they can let their guard down and embrace change a little easier.

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