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Lighting RetroFit is an energy efficient lighting solution for industry in Victoria. We provide services to area lighting and high definition lighting applications. The low pricing on our Induction light fixtures provides outstanding Return On Investment figures. Here our client projects and feedback is mentioned.



2014-2015 Lightingretrofit was engaged by Simplot Australia to assist with factory lighting upgrades as part of the Federal Government Food and Foundries Fund energy saving program. Quality Induction Light Fixtures and Retrofit kits were supplied to several of their vegetable processing plants including Edgell Birdseye in Bathurst NSW,Guest Posting Birdseye/I&J in Kelso NSW, Edgell/Leggo’s in Echuca Victoria, Edgell/Birdseye in Devonport and Simplot in Ulverstone, Tasmania. In total around 1,700 fittings were either retrofitted with EDL lamp and ballast kits into existing quality Metal Halide highbay lighting fixtures or replaced with new Lightingretrofit Highbay and Floodlight fixtures.


2013-2016 Lightingretrofit through the MM Electrical group have supplied over 750 units of our EDL-150W Retrofit kits which have been successfully fitted into existing 250W high quality Metal Halide highbay lighting fixtures with outstanding light output results. The kits were supplied in small order quantities as part of an ongoing maintenance rollout. Factory projects have also procured various quantities of new Highbay lighting fixtures for area lighting applications where high quality light, low glare and instant switching capability is required most particularly in manufacturing, wrapping and packing areas of the factory where inspection grade lighting is required.


2013 At Salisbury Super Sports, a multi sport complex in Brisbane, Lightingretrofit supplied and installed 80 GC004B-250W Highbay lighting fixtures across 5 of their multi sport courts. Feedback from the centre owner/manager has been very positive.


2013-2016 Austal Bricks in Launceston Tasmania, through Temtrol Technologies has purchased over 150 units of our Lightingretrofit GC016A-250W Highbay light fittings over a 3 year period for installation in their factory and warehousing facilities.


2013-2016 Orora Fibre Packaging in Launceston Tasmania, through Temtrol Technologies has purchased over 120 units of our Lightingretrofit GC002B-250W and GC004B-300W Highbay lighting fixtures over a 3 year period for installation in their factory and warehousing facilities.


2014-2016 Vulcan Steel, through Zodiac Electrical have purchased and installed around 250 Lightingretrofit GC016A-200W Highbay light fittings and TG001A-150W Floodlights at their Dandenong South factory in Victoria.


2014-2015 Stanley Black & Decker in Victoria have purchased and fitted 40 GC016A-250W Highbay lighting fixtures for their two Melbourne, Victoria warehouse facilities.


2012-2014 Lion Brewing through MM Electrical group in Launceston, Tasmania, have purchased several project specific orders for various Highbay light fittings and our XD003-150W Induction Lowbay fittings at the Boags Brewery factory.


2014-2016 Central Coast Council in Tasmania have purchased and installed around 40 of our GC004B-300W Highbay lighting for their existing basketball facilities in two towns.


2013 – Independent Cement purchased 70 of our GC016A-250W Highbay light fittings to upgrade their existing area lighting in their South Melbourne, Victoria warehouse facility.


2015 -  Performance Autos in Hobart Tasmania, through D&W Electrical were supplied with 24 units of our GC016A-200W Highbay lighting for their newly refurbished automotive workshop.


2016 – Gippsland Food Company in Packenham, Victoria purchased over 70 units of our EDL-250W Retrofit Kits to fit into their existing diffused Metal Halide Highbay light fittings.


2014 – VISY Tumut in NSW, through Switched on Electric, purchased around 30 of our TG001B-250W Induction Floodlights for installation in their paper machine halls.


2012-2016 - JBS Australia, Top Cut Meats, Houston Farms and many other meat/food handling facilities in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania are using high quality Lightingretrofit Highbay lighting fixtures in their cutting, boning, sorting and packing areas.

All of our Lightingretrofit Highbay and Floodlight fixtures along with EDL Retrofit Kits are available for immediate delivery from our warehouse storage in Dandenong South, Victoria.


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We are energy efficient lighting solution for factory in Victoria. Energy efficient is using less energy to provide the same service. LightingRetroFit is specialising in Induction and LED lighting solutions for area lighting as well as highbay lighting.

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