Most Popular and Trendy Spring Haircuts for Men

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Hurray!! Spring is here and so are cool haircuts for men! It’s time to ask your barber to try something new and give you a spring cool haircut.

 If you have chosen to grow your hair long in the cold months,Guest Posting then you may want to think about giving yourself a clean buzz that you have been dreaming about.

Most Popular and Trendy Spring Haircuts for Men

If you are looking for a low maintenance and comfortable haircut during spring and something that suits your lifestyle, listed below are some of the best spring haircuts for men.

1} 40s Style Mid Fade

Spring is the season of parties and weddings. So a well groomed hair cut will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. It has a polished, clean, and sophisticated finish making it a popular haircut for all formal gatherings. While maintaining this haircut, all you require is styling comb and pomade to keep the hair in shape after a shower.

2} Grown Out Fade

If you are looking for a unique haircut this spring, the grown-out Fade haircut is surely the one for you. In this fade cut, the sides are even and top looks grown-out. It gives men a clean, short, and sleek look. It is a perfect “get up and go” haircut and requires very little maintenance.

3} Choppy Crop

The choppy crop is an easy and comfortable cut one can opt for as the temperature rises up. Since, it is a little less sharp from the other crop cuts; men can feel more comfortable to try it. The choppy crop haircut looks its best when left messy.

4} Spring Buzz Cut

The Buzz cut has become a popular trend in spring nowadays. It has become more popular during the locdown. This short and sharp haircut is very low maintenance and gives you a clean and sophisticated appearance. Men can also consider adding some nice texture to the haircut.

5} The Big Sweep

The Big Sweep is a mid-length haircut having textured layers. It is an ideal cut for those who want to keep it short but yet want to maintain volume. Most grooming gurus suggest this as the latest trend for spring and party goers.

6} The crock pot crop

This is a precision cut hairstyle that is flattering and makes eyeballs turn around. The crock pot crop is a low maintenance haircut if you are wearing a beanie or a baseball cap and can survive any headgear. Also if you get drenched in the rain, you can easily style your hair back into place with this haircut.

7} Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is a cool and classic haircut to choose this spring season. This hair cut keeps the hair strikingly sharp on the sides with more volume on the top. It is well suited for casual gatherings.


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chris marking

Spring haircuts for men can be trendy, classy, and comfortable. It depends on what variations you add and how you style it. The best thing about spring is you can choose a haircut that is low maintenance that gives you the wash and go advantage, or opt for haircut that is stylish and handsome.

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