Effective Makeup Tips to Get Youthful and Glowing Complexion

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If you are aiming at a youthful and glowing complexion, then proper skincare becomes top priority in your beauty routine.

If you are aiming at youthful and glowing complexion,Guest Posting then proper skincare becomes top priority in your beauty routine. From nutritious diets to anti-aging serums, there are several ways to take care of your skin through the years. With the right skincare and makeup tips, you can turn back time and look young and glowing forever.

Makeup Tips to Get Youthful Skin

Age is just a number and one can look youthful and glowing at any age. Makeup looks seamless on aged skin when done right. The wrong makeup choices will further damage the skin and is not an appealing sight. Here are few makeup tips that will help you achieve a younger look.


  • Moisturize regularly


Moisturizing is an integral part of any skincare routine. Moisturizing the skin prevents dryness and aging. Dry skin is the starting point of the skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Hence for a youthful skin, moisturizing is critical. Before you apply foundation, it is recommended to use a moisturizer followed by a primer to create a smooth base for the foundation.


  • Take care of your eyelashes


Eyelashes become flatter and thinner as we age. Hence, it is important to pay attention to them during the makeup routine.  Use an eyelash curler to thicken your eye lashes and give you the perfect shape. Focus only on the length and not the thickness as bulky mascara can bring down the eyelashes further. If you don’t like using mascara, you can consider tinting or eyelash extensions to give a perfect definition to your lashes.


  • Lips brightening


As lips become thinner when we age, choosing the right lip shade adds a huge difference to the facial appearance. Avoid dark lip shades as they make the lips look smaller. Instead, opt for lighter lip glosses, natural shades, or shiny balms that will give a full appearance to the lips and also help hydrate them.


  • Highlight the bone structure


Your cheekbone speaks a lot about your facial glow and appearance. Highlighting the bone structure gives an accentuated makeup finish to the overall face.  You can highlight your cheekbone by applying blush in upward strokes. This will instantly lift up the skin and add more definition to your face. After blush, a highlighter can be dabbed to illuminate the skin.


  • Make the eyebrows bold


Like eyelashes, eyebrows also thin over the years. To counteract this you can make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller using a brow pencil. Gently draw over your brows and focus particularly on the thinner areas. Avoid going too high with the arch.


  • Avoid using too much powder


When you add too much powder to your face, it appears dry and draws attention to wrinkles and lines. A little shine is both healthy as well as good looking for a youthful complexion. If you must mattify the oily areas, you can use a pure silica translucent formula that is natural looking and weightless on the skin.


  • Brighten the inner corners


The primary step for flawless makeup is to brighten the inner dark corners of the eyes. This area is most important and makes the biggest difference to your makeup. Brightening the inner corners will make your entire face glow and refreshed. If you have discoloration, you can apply a color corrector under the concealer.


  • Choose sheer coverage


If you use medium to full coverage make up, it might wipe out the flaws but will still look heavy on the skin. A younger skin can get away with full coverage makeup; however for older skin this type of makeup creates creases and fine lines. A sheer foundation that gives a dewy to luminous finish is perfect for all age groups. Pick a sheer formula that matches your skin color and concentrate its application more towards the center of the face.


As you age, the makeup used should also be light and natural looking. A natural make up conceals the age and makes you look young. The primary objective must be luminous and beautiful skin. Once your make up and skin is in place, you don’t have to work hard for anything else. Your makeup will do the talking, no matter what the occasion.

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