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Recycle bags have many functions. Its most important feature is practical with four functions of health, labor-saving, convenient and environmentally friendly. When it is fold up, the reusable shopping bag is very small like a palm-sized box

Uniting the ribbon tied with a small box,Guest Posting multi-functional shopping bag consists of two parts, the first id an isolation bag. It is in the middle of ordinary bags pulsing two isolation layers and dividing the bag into three compartments: a wrist strap, it seems to be a strip of cloth, the middle of it is thick and relatively soft. These two things realize health, labor-saving, convenient and environmentally-friendly features.

Shopping to the supermarket to buy a variety of items, can be broadly divided into several categories, one poultry meat and other foods, it has oil, water and the smell of fish; two is apples and oranges, pumpkin, melon East vegetarian foods, some food a little water-based; the apple, pears, biscuits Sauce students cooked foods, and are generally clean; four is a towel shampoo mosquito coils and other daily necessities, the general is relatively clean, but some may also be scented.

If all of these things on the shopping bag, which there is a problem, it is not so healthy.  The apples, pears, biscuits Sauce students cooked food before the food can not be pasteurized like food, apples, pears, salad with cucumber, general use tap water or cold water cleaning, such as biscuits and other food can not be processed. These things and poultry meat and other food mixed class, will be stained with oil, water and the smell of fish, bacteria, and may be harmful to health.

The body is the most valuable, there is no reason to neglect health and suffering from the disease. Isolation of multi-functional rept bag is to pay attention to health, reducing disease. Isolation bags three grid the apples, pears,, biscuits Sauce students cooked foods can be placed on one side of the grid will rely on the other side of the grid, put the vegetables in the middle grid yard poultry meat other class food on radish East melon pumpkin vegetarian foods, raw cooked foods separated too far from the, they will not infect bacteria.

Isolation of different food is the key point for solving the health issues in the shopping process. The daily necessities which do not affect the food hygiene can be placed in the remaining space of the lattice region. Usually it is together with vegetarian food, because vegetarian food need cleaning and heat disinfection. There is simple convenient packing in supermarkets, but packaging the oil, water goods, it will penetrate out, plus a little squeeze infiltration is even more powerful, this isolation is not tight. The saying goes, the sick from the mouth treat to eat, especially raw cooked, can not be careless, if you get that sick, spend a lot of money, enough to buy a dozen multi-functional shopping bag, the key body suffer. Food with strict isolation is good. Pay attention to health and the protection of health is a major event. In the fabric, choosing the ripstop nylon tarps production is for enhancing the isolation function.


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