Offshore Call Centers

Nov 5


Nick DAlleva

Nick DAlleva

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Offshore call centers are often a more affordable option than United States based call center service companies.


Offshore call centers are quite common in today's outsourced business environment. Centers stationed in India,Offshore Call Centers Articles the Philippines, Central America and Eastern Europe, have grown in numbers and popularity. Offshore call centers are a polarizing issue. While most end users do not enjoy the experience, some find the use of these centers to be cost effective.

The United States is home to many quality call centers. To properly run a call center is a major undertaking. There is a lot of training and cost involved in the process of operating a call center properly. As a result of the high cost of running a labor intensive business, United States call centers need to charge their rates accordingly. While these rates may be considered high, using a call center usually more than pays for itself. Yet, in an effort to combat the high cost of running a call center in a way that most would find acceptable, many opt to set up or utilize an offshore call center.

Indian Call Centers
When most people think of an offshore call center, they are referring to India based operations. India is the home to thousands of call center operations. Many large corporations, credit card companies and outbound contact centers are located in India. While Mumbai is considered to be the call center capital of the universe, Indian call centers can be found in almost any province or region of India. While an educated labor pool in India is available, there are many cultural differences that make using an India based call center a challenge.

Philippine Call Centers
In the Philippines, the Call Center industry is booming. There are over 800 call centers in operation in the country. The industry has been labeled as the "Sunshine Industry" by the Philippine government. This is due to the explosion of the industry over the last 10 years. Call center services is the fastest growing industry in the Philippine economy.

Central American Call Centers
Many companies Outsource to a Central or American call center. While most of these centers are in Costa Rica, there are also centers located in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Argentina, and Mexico. These Latin American centers have experienced great growth in recent years. Companies have been able to thrive in this environment due to the internet, reduction in telephony costs, and the need for educated, bilingual operators. While these call centers have their limitations, they can be a solution for companies needing Spanish, or Bilingual agents. Offshore Call centers located in Central America generally cost a third less than their US counterparts.

Eastern European Call Centers
Offshore Outsourcing to Eastern European call center centers has been a recent phenomenon. Contact centers are popping up in Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. In these countries there is a large pool of multilingual employees. These centers have seen an emergence. Sophisticated internet applications have opened the doors for these companies to enter the worldwide call center business. These call centers may be a good fit for companies whose applications European languages such as Italian French, or German. These centers handle most European and Slavic languages. Outsourced Call centers in Eastern Europe are a very popular choice for UK businesses but are growing in popularity in the United States as well. These centers are less expensive than United States call centers by about forty percent.

While there are many offshore call center options, there are drawbacks to using these operations. What a company saves in dollars and cents is often negated by lost business, frustration and increased in house customer service that comes from dealing with these call centers. United States based call centers still are the best bet, and ultimately the most cost effective services available.

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