Opportunities and gaps between Chinese powder metallurgy industry and foreign countries’

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With the rapid development of China's auto industry, automotive powder metallurgy industry has made some progress in the past 10 years. But compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap in Chinese automotive powder metallurgy industry.

First,Guest Posting the level of product technology is relatively low. It is mainly reflected on the grade of products, especially in low-end products. Comprehensive evaluation of metal powder products are basically at the level of the mid-and late 1980s, developed countries. At that time, foreign mass production of typical automotive powder metallurgy products. At present, China is developing these products. The early 1990s, foreign began to develop the powder forged connecting rod, bimetallic synchronizer cone ring, the combination of sintered camshaft, temperature and pressure the silent sprocket combination sintering planetary gear bay, China is also involved in a few.

Secondly, the gap between the level of product development. Currently, the vast majority of enterprises in China is still in the processing stage of the drawings, generally only a commitment to technology research and development, not to mention the true meaning of product development; technological innovation capability is poor, basically in the introduction, digestion and absorption and to imitate the innovation phase, the true sense of the original innovation is minimal; technology research and development of software and hardware means is in the gradual construction and improvement of the stage, in particular, technical analysis and design verification tools is far from perfect; product development management level is not high.

Third, the process control and manganese powder product quality level, there are some gaps. Although the automotive powder metallurgy industry in the former 10 enterprises have established an effective quality management system, and to be recognized. Process control and product quality level, is still in the developed countries of the last century in the late 1980s to early 1990s levels.

Fourth, the level of standardization is still in its infancy. That did not form complete automotive powder metallurgy products, product standards, engineering standards system, the enterprise standard is incomplete. It can only refer to the production of foreign standards, such as the American standard, Japanese standard.

Brand building should be strengthened. Despite the small number of enterprises in China, the powder metallurgy industry enjoyed certain popularity, but in the automotive powder metallurgy products industry, branding is not obvious, but can not talk about the visibility of powder metallurgy products in the world automotive industry, brand building should be strengthened. From the application environment, foreign automobiles and auto parts designer has been very clear about the characteristics of powder metallurgy products, so the application of powder metallurgy in the car, there are no obstacles, needs to be done extensive publicity to explain and promote the work.

The rapid developing China's auto market has also brought broad prospects for development of automotive powder metallurgy industry. First, the introduction of the national energy saving and reducing consumption and motor vehicle safety and environmental protection policies and regulations, the development of automotive powder metallurgy products provide a good opportunity. The cost of competitive pressures of the automotive industry, automotive powder metallurgy products and opportunities. As we all know, powder metallurgy products, with the cost of comparative advantage. With the powder metallurgy manufacturing technology advances, the cost advantages of powder metallurgy products will be accompanied by the increased cost competitiveness of the automotive industry becomes increasingly obvious.

Secondly, the progress of automotive technology and application of new technologies make new requirements for automotive nickel powder products, the. Clean car production will be a main trend in future development, including more stringent emission requirements and clean energy vehicles. In addition, the use of alternative energy will be focus research topic in future, including the diesel trend of car engines, electric vehicles and hydrogen car development. It will also make new requirements for automotive powder metallurgy industry.Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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