The great potential of chinese powder metallurgy technology market

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The current Chinese auto parts enterprises not only face the fierce impact of multinational and domestic enterprises homogeneous competition, as well as the cost of raw materials and downstream extrusion host and distributors to continuously improve product quality standards.

And most of China's auto parts business situation is the low level of specialization,Guest Posting product development ability. Enterprises do not have the vast majority of parts capabilities of product development, product development, rely mainly on OEM, replacement of the vehicle difficult to adapt to the requirements of their core businesses less competitive. Thus, making enterprises in under the pressure of rising costs and can not be conducted effectively, forcing the level of corporate earnings declining.Face the current difficulties, and actively cultivate their core competitiveness will become the company needed to solve problems. We know automotive parts and components in the core, higher value-added are: the engine's intake and exhaust valves, engine connecting rods, transmission gears in cone synchronizer rings and the main oil pump driven gear and so on. These components, the main core technology, powder metallurgy technology is. Such as: link is an important engine parts, drawing on many models are set to introduce a connecting rod fatigue test load, and requested that the fatigue load cycles to reach 500 million or more. Most of the domestic automobile engine used forged steel connecting rod connecting rod and rod casting fatigue secondary to reach 50 million or more weeks is very difficult, because the rod of the work are not part of the word by cutting tendons, manganese powder small defects of the connecting rod greater impact on fatigue life. The foreign key of powder forged connecting rod mainstream, such as: the U.S. General Motors Buick sedan, BMW Germany BMW, GNKSintermetals manufactured and even link to a tensile strength of 1041MPa. Therefore, in order to develop their own core competencies, it is imperative to seek the development of powder metallurgy technology activities, as a breakthrough point to enhance the domestic parts already weak competitiveness.In recent years, China's auto industry has maintained rapid development. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics, first half of 2007, China's total vehicle production and sales were 4.4567 million and 4.3738 million, an increase of 22.36% and 23.3%. China has become the world's second largest automobile consumer and third largest car producer, the largest potential auto market. With the vigorous development of China's auto industry, boron powder led to the rapid development of parts and components market. At the same time, China's long-term lack of powder metallurgy industry due to the number of larger and higher value-added parts needs, there is no opportunity for the powder metallurgy industry to play its unique advantage to provide a good opportunity. Therefore, in the mid-1990s for the automotive and motorcycle industry, powder metallurgy parts by mass almost doubled in 10 years. The lower value-added agricultural industry for powder metallurgy parts is almost reduced by half. Visible, high value-added powder metallurgy parts is gradually transferred to the automotive sector. According to the China General Machinery Parts Association Powder Metallurgy Branch Report, 2006 China's production of powder metallurgy parts and products increased by 17.5% to about 88000t. Statistics of product categories including iron copper powder metallurgy parts, oil-bearing and friction materials. Which is approximately the amount of powder metallurgy parts automotive market 32000t, 37%, an increase of 28%; power tools market grew 29%.The future of China's auto products market potential of powder metallurgy parts will show a growth spurt. According to statistics, the developed countries the amount of automobile manufacturing powder metallurgy products, the vast majority of its total powder metallurgy products, such as the United States accounted for 90%, Europe 80%, while China is still less than 40%. European average per vehicle is the use of powder metallurgy products, 14kg, Japan, 16kg, 19.5kg United States has reached over the next few years may reach 22kg, metal powder supplier while China is the average amount of powder metallurgy parts per vehicle, but only about 5kg. If calculated according to annual production of 500 million vehicles, China's annual auto parts with about 2.5 million tons of steel powder, powder metallurgy products if China's consumption per vehicle to reach the European level, car ownership coupled with the replacement of powder metallurgy parts, then steel powder alone would require nearly 10 million tons of powder metallurgy is currently 1.25 times the total demand.

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