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The coming of the New Year sees an interest in fitness classes and other such forms of exercise. However, as there are an abundance of these classes it can be hard to know which to choose. Fortunately, the low cost of these fitness classes due to city deals and other daily deal sites means you can get a number of hours getting fit for a low cost. So, which are among the best?

FitballThis form of class can be hard to manage with by yourself,Guest Posting however the class nature will help those who are interested. Fitball is a very engaging form of class and allows you to tone, strengthen and add flexibility to your muscles and body. It is a great way of encouraging balance and also can be performed at home, once the exercises are understood and you know how to do them properly.Body AttackFor those who don't believe a workout is possible without the Lycra, the body attack workout with can be got through a number of daily deals sites, such as KGB Deals, is a fantastically choreographed, cardiovascular class.This class takes place under poppy music and is an all over endorphin hitting chance to get fit. It's great for people of all abilities and is a calorie burning class that can help you shift those winter pounds and also have you looking great, while having fun.Pilates' Reformer ClassesThis fast and focused form of Pilates offers a mix of slow movement and loud music and even involves some resistance weights, It burns calories and also fat and offers a hard workout in a relaxed setting. This form of exercise can really your muscular development and help encourage your figure for the up and coming sunshine. All in all this is a great workout for the core in a more adrenaline forming class than traditional Pilates.Boot CampsThough there are a variety of these a little research will help you rustle out the good from the average. The accessible nature of these workouts, the fact they are usually held in public arenas which cost the class nothing and their simple but effective nature makes them fantastic classes.The motivating and calorific destroying nature of these camps ensures that they offer a very pragmatic and excellent form of exercise in a social environment. KGBdeals and other daily deal site offer these classes on a regular basis and they will really get you in shape and ensure you meet some great, interesting people.Street JazzThe now infamous Pineapple Studio in Covent Garden in London has a wide variety of classes, one of which that is catching on across the UK is Street Jazz. This class is based on the Brazilian samba beat and mixes it up with some classic ballet and other forms of dance.Street jazz is a fun and slightly cheesy way to get fit, though it must be said involves some sexy dance moves and real pop music lead by real choreographers. It's a great way to burn the weight off, but is also a fantastic way to tone up all the muscles in your body, as well as getting fit.YogaThis is certainly a classic that deserves its place on the list. Originally Indian, Yoga is great for improving posture, flexibility and sexual performance. At over 5000 years old, it is a little longer in the tooth than Street Jazz, though does wonders for flexibility, anxiety and mood.Though there is a perception that it is a form of exercise for the older among us this is not at all true. One of the most famous practitioners is Ryan Giggs. Considering he's approaching his 38th birthday and still has his place in one of the best teams in the world and going strong - it's probably a good recommendation.By choosing an exercise class, keep an eye out for the best value with daily deal sites such as KGB Deals. These can really offer you a great opportunity to get fit, socialise and have fun for less.

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