Preparing Road Transport for 2017

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Transport managers and company owners always need to be prepared for the future. The Freight Transport Association Conference is an event not to be missed.

On 1st November this year,Guest Posting The Freight Transport Association Conference is due to take place in Dunblane. Headed by key speakers such as Joan Aitken, the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland and Hamza Yousaf, the Minister for Transport, this conference is a must for any transport managers and haulage professionals looking to stay ahead of the game and prepare for the year ahead in an ever changing, and sometimes unpredictable, industry.

Key Sessions

There are several relevant sessions scheduled for the conference, all of which are aimed at ultimately improving the potential for businesses in the haulage industry.

Sessions Includes 

  • A discussion on the Scottish Government’s plans for 2017. This includes how they will address investment in infrastructure and how they want to engage with the logistics industry. It also covers how the government aims to address issues of access, both urban and environmental.
  • A presentation of the priorities of the Transport Commission in 2017. This includes national and regional issues. Operator Licensing will be addressed.
  • Police Scotland will lead a discussion on avoiding accidents on the road. Transport managers and truck drivers will learn more about the knock-on effects of high wind blow-over accidents and the implications driving an overweight vehicle can have.
  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will be highlighting its enforcement and targeting priorities. Updates to the Operator Risk Score (OCRS) system are also due to be made and will be shared.
  • There will be a presentation on accreditation and standards in the industry. You will be updated on the FTA’s Truck Excellence Scheme, which is new. 
  • Vehicle performance enhancement and how transport managers can increase the efficiency of their business is also an important subject scheduled for a presentation. Iveco, the event sponsor, will head this talk on alternative fuels, emissions and last mile logistics.
  • There will be a discussion on the impact of Brexit and how it has affected the industry. This is a great opportunity to voice any concerns and raise issues about it’s impact on haulage and logistics companies. There will be advice and recommendations on how anyone in the industry can plan for any change.
  • Transport Safety is a major priority for Traffic Commissioners and so this session is focussed on highlighting the responsibility of transport managers and their businesses.

At the end of the event there will be a round-up of the important topics that all transport managers and haulage professionals must face and be aware of if they are to continue to run a safe, compliant and efficient business for the foreseeable future.

How to Secure Your Place

For anyone in the haulage and logistics industry, this event is a must. With so much comprehensive information and many opportunities to raise concerns and discuss current issues, you really cannot afford to miss it.

There is comprehensive information available on the FTA website, but the quickest way to book is to call the FTA Member Service Centre on 03717 112222.

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