Naphthalene acetic acid apply in vegetable production

Jun 27


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Use naphthalene acetic acid in tomato production can receive good results. Soaking before sowing, before seedlings.


Use naphthalene acetic acid in tomato production can receive good results. Soaking before sowing,Naphthalene acetic acid apply in vegetable production Articles before seedlings, with 5-10mg/kg naphthalene acetic acid liquid soaking 10-12h, then rinse with water and sowing, the germination of seeds for planting after emergence, the seedlings neat, robust, enhanced cold tolerance, also can anti-tomato blight.

Seedbed using, tomatoes after emergence, if seedling growth thin, leaves turn yellow, with 5-7mg/kg naphthalene acetic acid liquid spraying the whole plant 1 time, seedlings can resume normal growth. In the late, when the temperature inside the seedbed is 26-28, with 5-7m/kg naphthalene acetic acid liquid spray 1 time is particularly necessary, can prevent the occurrence of tomato early blight.

Used before or after planting, 6-7 days before planting tomatoes, with 5mg/kg of naphthalene acetic acid liquid spray 1 time, not only can promote growing, strong trees, also can promote early squaring. Every 10-15 days with 5mg/kg naphthalene acetic acid liquid spraying after planting resurrection, spray two times, can prevent early blight, virus disease occurrence.

Used in flourishing, when the tomato young fruit grow to egg size, with 10mg/kg of naphthalene acetic acid liquid spraying the whole plant one time, and spray 2 times, can promote fruit enlargement, improve tomato quality, make pulp thickening, sugar increases.

Later use, unlimited growth type tomatoes, in the late of bearing fruits, with 10mg/kg naphthalene acetic acid liquid whole plant spraying 1 time, can prevent plants premature aging, extend the harvest period, increase the total production. Tomatoes’ whole growing period (except soaking) sprayed naphthalene acetic acid solution 5-6 times, can increase about 15% yield.

naphthalene acetic acid is broad spectrum plant growth regulator, can promote cell division, induce to form adventitious root, changing the proportion of male and female flowers, increase fructify rate. Naphthalene acetic acid mainly through plant leaves, twigs epidermis into the plants, with the nutrient solution pass to the work site. Product formulations have 70% naphthalene acetic acid salt (soluble in water) and 10% liquid and so on. Its applications on vegetables have:

Prevent bean flower and pod dropping, pepper dropping flowers, in beans flowering and pod period, with 5-25 mg/kg of naphthalene acetic acid solution spraying, which can effectively reduce the pods and flowers dropping. Spray flowers in pepper flowering period, the concentration is 50 mg/kg, 7-10 days spray 1 time, total spray 4 to 5 times, can significantly improve fruit set and promote fruit growth, increase the number of fruits and fruit weight.

Prevent radish bran heart, after turnip sowing 25-30 days and 35-40 days, were spraying 10 mg/kg concentration naphthalene acetic acid 1 time respectively, can prevent hollowing in growing period; about 10 days before harvest spraying one time again, can be control radish hollowing in storage period.

Conducive to a variety of vegetable cuttings, from open field cultivation cucumber plants, clipping tendril, quickly dip treated in diluted 500-fold naphthalene acetic acid solution, cuttings after 11 days rooting, the survival rate up to 85%. Cut a bud of cabbage, cabbage and so on, with 500-1000 times diluted aqueous solution of naphthalene acetic acid quick dip stems cut bottom (be careful not to dip into the buds), at a temperature of 20 ~ 25, cuttings in the conditions of 85%-95% humidity, rooting percentage was 85% to 95 %, can maintain good plant’s varieties purity. Eggplant can use about 2 to 3 pieces collateral main branch, quick dip with 500 to 1000 times dilute aqueous solution of naphthalene acetic acid in the bottom, can root in 10 to 15 days.