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The article enlightens one with the pros and cons of virtual office spaces. This article also helps one to understand if virtual offices are a great idea or not, depending on one’s business.

In today’s time,Guest Posting shared office spaces are becoming a popular thing. Shared office space in Navi Mumbai is becoming popular among startups or people who want to grow their small businesses.

Instead of working from a corner of a living room or renting an office, a lot of start-ups and new and budding entrepreneurs have found a virtual office in Navi Mumbai to be helpful as a sharing environment.

Business centers in Navi Mumbai are growing very fast as the shared spaces can be found in most of that area nowadays, not only in there, but it is gaining popularity in other parts of Mumbai as well. For people who don’t want to own or rent large premises but they wish to improvise or upgrade on working from their home, then a shared office is a perfect choice for their businesses. Whether one has started a start-up or a new business, shared offices have the potential to provide one the best of both worlds mixed together.

Shared office spaces are sometimes also called business incubators as these spaces have the potential to really help one’s business to grow. Working environments in shared spaces have a built-in business network which can bring together a group of creative and innovative people who work on different and exciting projects under one shed. By providing developmental support, resources, and services to new businesses, these people also encourage business growth and development.

There is no doubt that the virtual office spaces are genuinely good, but one should be aware of some things as well.


If one is checking the pros, then obviously the biggest pro can be its pricing. Businesses whether small or big, are always looking for ways to grasp more for less, and these virtual offices provide one with just that.

  1.    FLEXIBLE

The virtual office space offers one the benefit of flexibility in options of a plan, cost options, and options for space as well. Instead of long-term leases at an affordable cost with no deposits, businesses can also choose any monthly rental plan of their choice. They also get the choice to switch from smaller space to a larger area quite quickly and flexible.


A strong community is the backbone and support system of a virtual or a shared office space. Community eases troubles of teething for start-ups and new businesses by introducing them to businesses which offer similar product or service. They also host a lot of events for networking and learning from fellow members.


Unlike the rented office space, a virtual space offers several amenities which includes complete furniture, high-speed internet, kitchen, printing and scanning, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and many more services. These facilities make one stress-free by eliminating the burden of office management from businesses.

This trend of virtual office spaces are starting to gain a lot of momentum, but as every single product out there, even these virtual offices have their share of cons.


If one is checking the cons, then there indeed are some downsides to the virtual office's spaces as well.


Sometimes shared or virtual spaces create a distraction which is caused by the presence or occupancy of other freelancers or entrepreneurs within the same space. Compared to traditional offices shared spaces are less structured, so sometimes it gets difficult to draw a line between work and socializing, and it becomes a challenge for employees as well as the businesses itself.


This is one of the most critical con as the chances of working amidst one’s competitors are higher. The open seating culture in the virtual office space increases the possibility of speaking indirectly to their competitors which no business would want to.


There are a set of rules in the virtual office space so the businesses have to adapt themselves to that. The lack of proper physical space is naturally the most important one and it’s something which business owners might have to include in their set of business plans. Virtual offices might not be worth the upfront cost savings if space is something which will be needed later on as well.

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