Recruitment for Tool & die maker job by Pure staffing

Sep 6


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Hiring tool & die maker workers is mainly to make machining tools, jigs, fixtures, molds, cutting tools and other tools used in the manufacturing process.

Tool & Die Maker Jobs in Canada

A class of machinists in the industry of manufacturing is Tool and Die makers. There are different variations on the name of tool and die maker like die maker, Recruitment for Tool & die maker job by Pure staffing Articles tool maker, diemaker, toolmaker, tool jig or mold maker depends on the area of industry or concentration an individual works.

ABOUT TOOL & DIE MAKER JOBS Tool and die makers job is mainly in the environment of tool room. They make dies, machine tools, jigs, gauges, fixtures, molds, cutting tools and other different types of tools used in the process of manufacturing.

Tool & Die Maker Jobs

What Tool & Die Maker job demand?

Tool and die makers will first on the raw material lay out the design (they use metal usually), after that they cut it to shape and size by using power tools like rotary tools and die grinders, manually controlled machine tools like jig grinders, milling machines, lathes and grinding machines, hand tools like honing stones and files. Tool and die makers and engineers for manufacturing usually work in the close consultation as they are the part of a team of manufacturing engineering.

Average Salaries for Tool & Die Maker Job

Tool and die makers job salaries will mostly depend upon the place where you work. There is a high demand of tool and die makers in Canada. Their salaries range between $25 to $27 per hour (or annually about $58,000 to $60,000) with high end of the scale for experienced workers.

Most of the tool and die makers begin as an apprenticeship than with an employer, they possibly includes mixing of a classroom training with some hands on experience. Because of the unique nature of a tool and die maker's job, it is mainly necessary to fabricate many custom tools or modify the required standard tools.