Roll Form Labels And Its Uses

Aug 31


Karan A Gupta

Karan A Gupta

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A mark is a bit of paper, plastic film, fabric, metal or other material joined to a holder or item, on which is composed or printed data or images about the item or thing.


A label is a piece of paper,Roll Form Labels And Its Uses Articles plastic film, cloth, metal or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product or item. Information printed directly on a container or article can also be considered as labeling. There are many different types of labeling used in packaging. One of them is roll form labels. Roll form labels are labels spun around cardboard spool. Roll form labels are easy to customize, as the simplicity of the labels allow for quick changes to the printing process, and printing on different substrates. Roll form labels generally work well with the packaging of bottles, canned products or labels for dairy products.

Let us discuss some of the uses of roll form labels:

  • Product labeling and branding are one of the most common uses of roll form labels. You can just put a paper on your product, you should have a refined way of labeling your products providing information like nutrition value etc. and hence it is an integral part of marketing.

  • The easiest way of adding value to media products like books, magazines, CDs etc. is to put a label on them like “signed by author”, “free sticker inside”, “exclusive edition” etc.
  • Another traditional use for labels is to mark the package or envelope. Yes, it is an easy way to assist the post office by having the address stand out, but more importantly it is an easy way for you to add a bit of your brand and story to the package.
  • For service based businesses, it is imperative that you leave your mark in locations and equipments that you have contact with. Leaving contact information, service based information and brand identity is easily done with the help of labels and stickers.
  • Kids love stickers. Parents want their kids to be enthusiastic and excited about letting them play with colorful and stickers of cartoon. But such stickers should be carefully designed so that they do not leave impression after removal.
  • A very traditional use of labels is to use labels on the products denoting price, fabric, and size in case of clothes.
  • Labels are also used for interoffice labeling for the smoothening of work.
  • For company awarding, special anniversary, or any other pride labeling, labels are used. This makes the promotion of the products of the company easy.
  • Special handling labels like “side up”, “refrigerate before use” are used to caution your customer about what needs to be done by them before using the products.
  • Labels can add fun to different invitations and packaging.

These are some of the uses of roll form labels and there are much more uses of roll form labels. These labels are basically used to change the status of your products and let your company outshine of other brands. Roll form labels are cheaper and easier to use than sheet form labels, while both of them have the same purpose.