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Hosted ACT on cloud and desktop is robust customer contact application management. This secure application protects the client data and makes business successful.

Customer data is very important for a company or a business and the client data or information management is the priority module of a company. A robust CRM solution can make a firm successful with scalability and better application solution. ACT is a Sage product which has been developed to manage the customer data of a firm. The customer contact management is crucial for a company growth and development henceforth all enterprises need a versatile and secure CRM tool.  Businesses should have a secure and reliable application to secure all the client information in one database. Prospect client information is saved in this application hence it is a productive solution that can save all the information of an existing client and prospect customer data all in just one system. Prospect clients are a point of sale for businesses hence ACT is the perfect solution for a firm to secure any data of a customer. The robust application automatically saves the client data anytime whenever client information is processed as there is no manual action required to secure the data of clients.  ACT is a leading software solution to manage the customer or client data for small and medium sized firms.

ACT for businesses:

ACT is free trial software for end users or professionals who wish to gain knowledge on the application.  It’s a 30 day trial offer hence users must get most benefit of learning the application before the trial of 30 days ends. End users can also check for other source like webinars running live and recorded to get the expertise on ACT application along with tutorials and videos. ACT is easy to install on any device like mobile,Guest Posting tablet, laptop or a computer as these devices are compatible to the application and users do not have to configure any setups or configurations. Hosted ACT application can integrate with any application of Microsoft and therefore this feature makes easy to access the data of the customers or clients anytime on any device. Some other applications like MAC, UNIX and Linux can do integrate with CRM application ACT seamlessly. The hosted ACT in the cloud and desktop are two main sources of accessing the customer contact application.

Hosted ACT application software on cloud is low cost solution to enterprises and desktop solution. ACT on desktop has high operating cost of the customer contact management because users have to manage the business. ACT on cloud hosting is low cost cloud based solution which is accessible system. ACT on cloud is the online hosting of the application that is managed on remote web servers by hosting providers. Cloud services are managed by hosting providers with security and reliability offering complete data protection. Cloud hosting is cost effective solution which allows users to access the web hosted system anytime anywhere on any device. Any client data is accessible on mobile using secure login to the web application using internet and web browser. Customers can get the add-ons and add-ins feature on demand for the ACT.

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