Stay Focused On What Is Possible!

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When you have distractions around you will not be focused and nothing is possible. Staying focused will help you achieve so much in business.

Henry Ford once said:  “If you believe you can do a thing or if you believe you cannot you’re right.”

There are two privately owned hardware stores near where I live.  One is thriving while the other is on the verge of closing its doors.  When you go to the one that is vibrant you’re greeted by a person who makes it clear they want to be there.  Outside they currently have a neat display of various winter focused apparatus!  You will find several different types of snow shovels,Guest Posting snow blowers and even gas grills for that grill master that has outdoor cooking in their blood.

When you walk into the anemic hardware store you’re greeted by a grumpy employee whose body language and facial expression telegraphs the message that you’re an inconvenience.  Their outside display consists of several lonely bags of salt.  When you walk through the store itself products have a thin coating of dust and are haphazardly scattered on the shelves.

I spoke with the owner of the “grumpy” store and quickly uncovered the problem.  It’s him!  He explained customers today are “difficult” and they have become a “pain in his neck”.  He explained that the “Big Box” stores and the “economy” are killing his business.  He had all the excuses!

How is it possible that within one short mile of one another one hardware store is wildly successful while the other is on its hands and knees?

It’s very simple.  One team believes they can be successful and they stay focused doing what ever it takes to ensure their vision becomes a reality.  While the other group is certain it’s not possible to be successful in today’s economy.  As a result the latter chooses the path of making excuses and blaming everything and everybody for their poor attitude and results.

Here’s a question for us all to consider!  What comes first?  Success?  Or your belief that you can be a success?

Stay focused on what is possible!

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