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Pradeep Koneru, industrialist and active philanthropist has been the driving force in raising the living standards among the 10 villages surrounding his company operations in Andhra Pradesh.

The Pradeep Koneru Initiative is committed to a socially responsible approach across 10 villages in the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. One of the long-term objectives of this initiative is to make a positive difference in each of the local communities that it is involved in,Guest Posting by engaging with residents to achieve a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.

Over the last few years, the initiative has been successful in implementing the following activities:

• Offering employment to one member of each family in the 10 villages. Trimex Sands Private Limited has 550 employees, of which 80% of them have been recruited from the local community. First preference for recruitment is always given to the surrounding local 10 villages.
• Providing street lights to the entire 10 villages. The company has also provided tube lights, bulbs and other fittings to many houses in all 10 villages.

• Trimex Sands is in the process of improving connecting roads between the villages and larger, all-weather roads in the area. A 3km road connecting 4 villages was developed as part of this activity. Trimex Sands has also actively developed a road from the main village to the beach for fishermen folk of the village.

• The company has established a medical clinic which will also provide free medicine to all patients. Trimex Sands has also set up two camps to screen villagers for pre-existing medical conditions so that they can receive further medical care. Nearly 800 villagers have already been screened.

Free eye camps have also been conducted in all schools in the surrounding panchayats. A total of 1194 students have been screened and free spectacles have been provided.

• Repairs have been made to religious buildings and funeral facilities with the company`s funding.

• The company constructed a compound wall at a primary village school and has provided school bags to nearly 800 children.

1) The PradeepKoneru Initiative also plans to construct a senior secondary school for classes 5 to 10. Each class will have a strength of 50 students.

2) A 10-bed hospital is also in the offing, which will be constructed once the government has allotted land.

3) Plans are on for a community hall which will consist of a super bazar catering to the daily grocery requirements of the villagers.

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