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My love of golf developed during my teenage years. Playing golf with my dad and brothers was always a great bonding session for the four of us.

Over the years,Guest Posting golf has actually helped me learn a lot about myself and entrepreneurship as well…….

1) It’s easy to start something with a bang, but can you finish it?

In the golfing circles, I have always been known as a good striker, I can hit the ball a hell of a long way straight down the fairway. Sure it makes getting to the green easier, but once your there, you still have to finish.

Entrepreneurship is the same way. Putting requires focus and patience. Building a business is the same way, losing focus and getting impatient is the fastest route to a 4 putt.

2) Regardless of how often you fail, its that one big win that will keep you coming back.

I’ve hit hundreds of bad golf shots. After each bad round, I wonder why I play this game. Then I hit that 250 hard drive, make a 60 foot putt, or chip in from the sand trap. Talk about a good feeling. It’s those minor miracles that keep you coming back for more.

Almost any entrepreneur has a long series of failures throughout their career. Yet it’s the victories that remind you why its all worth it in the first place. If it were easy, then anyone would do it. Since

it’s not easy, it makes the wins that much sweeter.

3) If you’re going into business with someone, get them on the golf course first.

While the golf course has long been a second board room for many executives, I’d be willing to say that it’s the best way for entrepreneur to size up potential business partners as well. Whether someone is a good or a bad golfer is irrelevant, how they carry themselves on the course can tell you a lot about someone.

How do they handle adversity? Are they patient? Do they have anger problems? What is their ability to focus? The list goes on, by watching how someone acts on a course, you can get a much better sense of how they will perform in a business setting. It isn’t easy to hide your true emotions while playing golf.

4) The only thing standing in an entrepreneur’s way is himself.

I was out on the course last weekend, and was hitting all of my long shots perfectly. I’d get to the green with no trouble – and then my head kicked in. I over thought everything, which led to a few missed putts, and a much higher score than necessary. In short, I let my own thoughts and worries stand in the way of my end goal.

How many times have you done that in your business? Second guess yourself when you know something is right. The greatest asset you can have in business or in golf is mental control. If you have the diligence not to over-think things, and not get emotional, you’ll have a tremendous edge over everyone you come across.

Golf and entrepreneurship are about as similar as it gets. The skills that you build on the course will surely help you in your business life, and vice versa.

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