The Truth Behind The Prices of Property in India Hitting the Roof

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This article explains the reality of realty sector in India, and conveys the modus operandi of the builders and investor.

Over couple of years,Guest Posting most of the cities have seen a massive rise in the prices of property. Out of which metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune have property rates at all time high. Real Estate in India is at present under massive disagreement phase with macro economic troubles like bad liquidity, mount in rates of construction, soaring land prices, postponements of projects, extremely high interest rates, etc. It’s a well known fact that property tariffs are really dear in Delhi- NCR. However, the real demand for flats is not that high as it has been rumored. Of late, there has been a survey carried out by a district administration body, which states that the truth behind this rise is made-up. The survey illustrated that there are about 30 to 35 percent of residential units presently lying vacant in the NCR. This kind of inflation in realty seems to be the brain child of the builders’ lobby. The market of real estate in main cities is mostly based on investors. These investors invest their money for long term gains. According to the stats, around 75 percent of profits is produced from shareholders. It clearly explains that these private players in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi-NCR constantly launches new offers and methods to draw and maintain the buyers lured at these properties for longer. As per the current infrastructural growth in Delhi –NCR, it will become clear to you that these various housing developments do not have many buyers, but still you will see many new schemes coming down the line. These top-end real estate plans mostly present quality lifestyle to the ultimate user and lures many others to invest in them. This depicts Delhi- NCR as the most preferred destination for investing your savings that finally deliver boost up to property prices in Delhi-NCR. This creates a giant bubble of sham on increasing prices of property. And it is always true that wherever some investors are involved, there will lead to lesser transparency and higher convolution. These businesses are also mushrooming with the help black money that is earlier siphoned off to save taxes. If you observe these circumstances closely from the property dealer’s point of view the whole thing appears to be constructive and ideal. But the fake anticipations and falseness of this complete movement will soon be uncovered publicly. Firstly, artificial delivery of plenty housing units will be unable to keep the buyers for long. Secondly, the prices of property in Delhi-NCR which are presently hitting the roof will soon come down quickly than they are soared up. Therefore, if you really do not want to get into all this mess, you have to make a right decision and that will be to call us, as we have a number of options from some of the best builders in town. They have plethora of simple yet attractive properties at reasonable prices. Apart from this, they have state-of-art Apartments for Sale in Delhi NCR.

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