Types of Glass Beads Existing For Jewelry Making

May 4


China Beads

China Beads

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Jewelry is one among the most famous forms in which today’s modern crafting and artwork takes place. It is hard to find an individual who have no interest on jewelry and adorning materials. Nowadays jewelry are decorated with special materials called Glass beads. Glass beads are a fascinating and beautiful creation. They are most popularly used as currency,Types of Glass Beads Existing For Jewelry Making Articles artworks, and currency. Even they are used as a symbol of status. Egyptians, Romans, Vikings and Native Americans shows more interest on trading these beads. They prepare body decorations with these beads. There are limitless colors of beads available today as just like the spectrum colors. Czech beads, lamp work, dichroic and hand-blown are some of the most famous varieties. There are enormous sorts of beads are available to meet the demands and needs of every jewels designs. Here we are going to gain most important information about the types of beads that are suitable for jewelry making.

What Kinds Of Glass Beads Suitable For Jewelry Making?

These beads are incredibly versatile as well as they’re amazingly popular among beaders due to its extensive creative options.  Online bead sellers offers wide range of beads styles. Here are few different sorts of glass beads:

Crystal beads

Even though crystals are believed as expensive gemstones, maximum crystals are used as polished glass with careful cuts. You can use color glass or clear glass to make crystal beads. In order to attain brilliant sparkle, the designers cut the glass with smooth faces. The angles that are craved on these crystals have great influence on the way it shines. Different varieties of cuts are available and the crystal beads cost depends on the type of cut that you choose. Since these beads are more expensive, there is no wonder for their requirement of more effort to polish as well as shape.

European-style Beads

These types of beads are popularly known as Pandora-style beads or troll beads. They appear large and have wheel shape with a lumpy hole. Therefore, a thick gauge is used to thread on the materials. When compared to regular glass beads, these beads are weightier. This makes the people to believe that they are higher-quality items. They are very stylish, hence most celebrities shows more interest on wearing these beads. They are usually used in charm bracelets as space savers.

Seed Beads

Seed Beads are unbelievably delicate beads. They are widely used in making crafts, jewels and in embroidery. They are very tiny in size, hence there is no problem in sew these beads onto the fabrics and clothes. There is no need to worry about the weight of fabric when using too much of beads on them. They can be used as an alternative to sequins that are used on clothes to sparkle. They also can be used to enhance color blocks in other decorative projects. Since they are small, it is hard to use these beads alone. Generally, they’re used in combination with other sorts of jewelry making materials or aggregate together with other types of beads.

Novelty Beads

As similar to other kinds of bead materials, you can obtain novelty shaped glass beads. These beads seems more delicate when compared to other types of beads that we use since there are made of glass. They can be used widely in fun and creative projects. It is possible to find these items as frogs, roses, teddy bears and many other styles. 

It is advisable to purchase glass beads from retail or wholesale online shop. Pandahall is one of the reputable online shops that offer all kinds of glass beads to meet the entire requirements of customers.