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Buy wholesale glass beads from online retailers and use them in your jewelry creations. Make attractive bracelets using the coloured beads or use the round glass beads in various anklets.

Glass beads find extensive use in jewelry making. These fascinating creations can be used in necklaces,Guest Posting earrings, bracelets and even in costume jewelry. They come in different shapes and sizes. If you are into jewelry making and want to use glass beads in your jewelry, you should first know about the different types of glass beads that are available.

Glass Beads- The Types

Various techniques and technologies are used in the making and creation of glass beads. Let us look at the most popular types of glass beads that are available for jewelry makers.

Lampwork Beads- As the name suggests, they are created by using a lamp. The flame is used to give different shapes and texture to the beads.

Millefiori Glass Beads- Created by fusing together several layers of multi-colored glass, these beads are known for their patterns and colors.

Dichoric Glass Beads- These beads are the ones that appear to have different colors from different angles. They give out a rainbow effect when you look at them.

Crystal Glass Beads- These beads sparkle under light, thanks to the use of lead in them. They are slightly expensive as compared to the other variety of glass beads.

Apart from these main categories in glass beads you also have other varieties such as the Czech glass beads, the cat eye beads, the frosted glass beads and the glass pearl beads to name a few. Each type is available in different shapes and sizes.

While purchasing glass beads consider the product or products that you are willing to create first. If you are purchasing faceted glass beads that have been given different shapes, you need to ensure that the corners are rounded carefully so that they do not pose any risk of cutting the skin. Faceted beads also happen to be the ones that sparkle and shine under light. They are excellent choice in necklaces and earrings. You also come across rounded glass beads that are more popular. They have polished edges and do not have the same sparkling effect as the faceted glass beads. They have polished edges and have a smooth effect. They are suitable for everyday jewelry.

Wholesale Glass Bead Purchase

Find a website gives you the option of choosing from all these glass bead varieties. They should be available in different types of shapes and sizes to provide maximum flexibility to your jewelry making. When you make a bulk purchase of glass beads online, you need to make sure that the supplies that you have are all in good condition. Looking for a money-back guarantee is always a good way of telling a credible website from the others. It is, therefore, important that you find the right website from where you can purchase all your glass beads and other jewelry making supplies.

You will save a lot of time and money when you purchase glass beads online. You usually get free shipping when you make bulk purchase. Find the most suitable glass beads in every possible variety online and start creating fascinating pieces of jewelry.

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