From Jewelry to Religion, Beads Are Becoming More Popular

Jul 31


China Beads

China Beads

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A bead is a decorative object that is small in size. A bead can be available in different kinds of shapes and sizes. Various kinds of materials can be used to make beads. Some of them are glass, From Jewelry to Religion, Beads Are Becoming More Popular Articles stones, bones, wood, plastic, shell and pearls. A small hole is made in the bead so that it can be stringed or threaded without much difficulty. Irrespective of the type of material that is involved in making the bead, customers usually prefer the shops where they can get cheap beads.

The size of bead might vary from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter in diameter. The beads can be woven together using special kind of threads. Sometimes, the beads are strung onto a thread or a wire that is soft as well as flexible. In some cases, the beads might be made to adhere to a surface of fabric or clay. The art of making various kinds of things with beads is known as beadwork.

What are some of the uses of beads?

Beads are used for a variety of reasons. They can be used to make jewelry. In many parts of the world, they have a symbolic meaning as well. Beads are used for devotion and prayer in some religions (Roman Catholics use rosary beads; Muslims use Misbaha). Worry beads are used as anti-tension devices by some people. In Ghana, Aggrey beads are used as a mode of currency. In gaming, owari beads are used for mankala.

Due to increasing demand for beads, many websites have sprung up that sell a huge variety of beads online. Such stores try to provide cheap beads to their customers. Some types of beads that are found in these websites are acrylic beads, clay beads, bone beads, European beads, glass beads, metal beads, gemstone beads, resin beads, rhinestone beads, seed beads, wood beads and woven beads. Butterfly beads and heart beads are what most people search for.

What are the various types of beads?

Beads can be divided on basis of various categories. Some of the categories depend on the process that is involved in making the bead; some depend upon the material that is used in manufacturing the bead; some depend upon the pace where the bead has originated whereas others might depend on the shape and the patterns that are made on the bead.

What are the various components of bead making?

Different kinds of materials can be used to make beads. In the olden days, beads were made from natural materials like which were gathered. These materials could be easily shaped and drilled as per the need. As the technologies advanced and human beings started gathering and using more kinds of materials, even these materials were started being used to make beads. Nowadays, even synthetic materials are used to make.

Those people who want cheap beads prefer to go for faceted beads instead of beads that are cut by the hand. A smaller and cheaper type of glass or lead crystal bead is cut into exact faceted shapes individually. In the earlier days, this work was done by the hand but machines carry out this task nowadays.

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