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The failure rate of most MLM businesses is quite high, not because their products are inferior but because owners do not know enough to succeed.  They either donít have enough knowledge in marketing or that whatever knowledge they have turns out to be inaccurate.  This is critical in an industry that has 14 million distributors in the U.S. alone.

They either donít have enough knowledge in marketing or that whatever knowledge they have turns out to be inaccurate.  This is critical in an industry that has 14 million distributors in the U.S. alone.Another factor that contributes to failure is the inevitable saturation point that all MLM businesses reach.  After exhausting its ëwarmí market (family,Guest Posting friends, acquaintances), an MLM business will be faced with the challenge of how to build and continue to expand their distribution teams.  The normal approaches would be in the form of cold calling or of putting out costly advertisements just to get their messages across.At this point, most MLM business owners just plain give up or let their distributorship dry up and die a natural death, not a good prospect for anyone who wishes to join an MLM business.Funded SponsoringEnter the funded sponsoring system, which is essentially a smaller-scale model of a more successful MLM company.  This system includes all the necessary steps and information that newbie MLM owners need in order to create their own successful business by using the more established MLMís company as a guide.  Imagine learning to draw by tracing on paper.  Everything is laid out for you; all you have to do is follow the lines.What makes funded sponsoring systems effectiveIn order for a funded sponsoring system to work, it must have detailed and easily duplicated business plan that enables an MLM owner to develop the foundation of a network marketing business of his own choice.  Unlike older systems, a funded sponsoring system makes use of multiple streams of income that have been pre-selected and known to work.An advantage of the funded sponsoring system is that the MLM owner no longer needs to buy leads or promote their products through expensive marketing, which usually entails expenses like freebies and promotions anyway.  Since a wider market is made available to him, he can promote his product to more customers without getting trapped in an exhausted market.Customers included in the funded sponsoring system are already pre-qualified so the interest in the business already exists.  The MLM owner can then avoid making calls and sales pitches to vaguely interested customers and prevent making a sale that is usually left to chance. There is a better chance of closing a sale with the prospective leads generated through the funded sponsoring system because these prospects are already eyeing the business on their own.  Plus, since the business can sell itself, it becomes even more attractive to people who are already thinking of joining.Once an MLM owner has paid for the system, there is little or no need to spend more money on advertising and promotion.  Unlike conventional marketing systems, a funded sponsoring system or franchise is available for a very low cost.  Some are even offered for free.What to expectSince the included business plan is already known to work, it is much easier to follow and implement.  An MLM owner considering the system should also be prudent enough to select several income generating programs to produce multiple income streams.  This way, the business owner is not saddled by just one or two ways of earning money.The income that is earned from these income streams is then re-invested in more carefully-designed online advertising so interest in the MLM business remains fresh.  Constant promotion assures the business owner of continued exposure over long periods.The company should also offer training that is simple enough to be understood by people who have little or no prior training and experience in business.  Training usually consists of audio tapes and article tips and the system itself should include free leads and websites and productive affiliate programs.An MLM business owner using the system can also avoid resource-hungry means of expanding his business, including establishing contact with prospects who may or may not be qualified.  The business owner will only get in touch with those who have demonstrated enough interest in the business to actually enroll themselves in it.  He can then effectively eliminate the process of recruiting, mentoring and promotion without sacrificing the viability of his business.Like having a mentorWhat a funded sponsoring program does is that it eliminates the need for business owners to make mistakes and avoid every step that causes most failures in MLM businesses.  Time and money are focused on more useful resources that give more in terms of return investment.

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