What We Have Learned About Those Looking for HRIS Software

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We scrutinized surveys that have been completed in the last few months and learned a great deal about HRIS prospects. We took a look at the following options: Payroll, Employee self service, benefit open enrollment and recruiting. We also took a look at what percentage of visitors selected either a purchase platform or a hosted platform.

We found that 50% of those who completed a survey indicated that an integrated payroll application was required. Those who did not indicate they needed payroll selected needing an interface from their HR application to their existing payroll application.

With ESS and BOE,Guest Posting we found that around 90% of those that filled out a survey indicated that these options were important. I found this interesting because during my work as a reseller, I found that many people were in fact interested in these options but that few in my case ended up purchasing these options. It may be that the many HRIS prospects are interested in this feature until they find out the cost or additional consulting time involved in setting up these options. The results for those wanting recruiting solutions were slightly less; around 75%.

We also looked at how often someone marked the options required. Payroll was obviously marked required almost 100% of the time selected. The surprise was with benefits open enrollment. A large percentage of those who completed the survey indicated that they had interest in benefits open enrollment but less than 10% indicated it was required. As opposed to 70% who said ESS was required or 80% who indicated recruiting was required.

The last field I would like to address is hosted versus purchase. We originally found that most visitors were selecting ‘either’ or ‘purchase only’ the vast majority of the time. After adding text under this field highlighting the unique differences between the two options, we have now seen that 90% of the time visitors are selecting ‘either’ for the option. The other 10% selected hosted.

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