Wheel Chair Lift: Ascending In Style

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Racing wheelchairs have brought an entire new level of fitness and a new range of wheelchairs to those who need them.

Typically,Guest Posting when we think about a wheel chair lift we think about them in terms of being for vehicles like a car, bus, or van. We think that because that is the type of wheel chair lift we see most in society. I remember them mostly from when I attended school. The buses for the special needs students would pull up and a huge wheel chair lift would come out of the bus and lower a student down to the sidewalk so that he or she could start their day of learning. The student would roll off and the wheel chair lift would ascend again for the next student or to hide itself back away in the bus. That is the memory about a wheel chair lift that is most dominant in my mind. I’m sure all of you out there have similar experiences, but those are not the only places you can find a wheel chair life. They can also be found in houses and buildings to assist people in wheelchairs get up stairs and other elevated areas otherwise inaccessible to them. By reading further, you will learn about the different wheel chair lift options out there and if you are in need of a wheel chair lift, this article might give you some things to think about that you previously had not.

When choosing a wheel chair lift for a vehicle, you really only have two choices. You can go with an outside wheel chair life that will raise you up to the point where you can wheel yourself into the vehicle. The good thing about this type of wheel chair life is that you don’t have to modify your vehicle too extensively to accommodate it. The wheel chair lift sits mounted outside the side or rear of the vehicle and folds up. The downside to this type of wheel chair lift is that it requires you to be more cautious when driving because it extends the length of your vehicle, which can also making parking more difficult. However, some practice can easily correct these minor problems.

The other option is an inside wheel chair lift. This type of life will bring your wheelchair inside the vehicle for you. Some even allow the person in the wheel chair to remain in it during the drive. Unfortunately, this type of wheel chair lift can cost a lot of money because of the vehicle modifications it requires and can take up a lot of space.

As far as indoor lifts go, there are two kinds there as well. An inclined platform wheel chair lift, which is used for traveling up stairs, and a vertical platform wheel chair lift that works very much like an elevator. The vertical platform wheel chair lift will cost you vastly more than the inclined platform wheel chair life, but is a much cooler piece of equipment if you have the funds available. Both of these units should come with a battery backup in case of power outage and an emergency stop switch.

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