When the strength become weakness

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Strength can go weak and useless if the employees fail to understand the meaning........

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Is the prey animals are weaker than the predator?  Is a subordinate is weaker than the boss?  Unless the question well understood and answered properly,Guest Posting the strength would become weakness.    Nature has the answer for the corporate man.


All the prey animals are equally stronger as all predators.  The difference is only in the definition of the strength.   The prey animals are created with absolute strength to escape from the predator.  Similarly, the strength of all the predators is only to hunt the prey.  


If the prey animals use wisely their strength to escape from the predators only then can survive.  If they try to redefine their strength, mostly dies.  Similarly, the predator only when use its strength to hunt the prey alone qualify to live in the forest. 


Failure is not due to lack of strength, but not knowing its definition and unwise use only cause failure.   This important management message, the corporate employees must understand from nature. 


Use of the strength should sink with its definition and situation as well.  If the situation is not understood, the strength would become defunct. 


In the corporate set up, the boss is given strength to hunt the subordinates.  One who has to guide others has to necessarily know and understand things better.  Hence the bosses has to either prove that they know things better or should have the ability to pick up the mistakes of the subordinates.  Interestingly, most bosses opts the second option than the first one.   Finding the defects or weakness of others is an inborn trait of man.


When one is a subordinate, has to use the strength of the prey and not of the predator.  Similarly, the boss also should use the strength of the predator than a prey.  If they understand the situation and act wisely, the conflicts can be minimized if not avoided.


Using the strength appropriately should be the focus than crying for what is not there is also another management message the corporate employees must learn from both the prey and predatory animals.  Lion never appears to grieve for the fact that it has to hunt its food whereas the prey animals have plenty of food to eat.  No prey animal would feel sad at nature as why nature has given so much of food to them along with a threat to their life.


Both animals are given problems and strength to deal the same.  Only when this truth is well understood and managed, one can be successful.  Success is not just the outcome of ones strength but how the strength is used after knowing the situation only will make one a winner.   When you are proud of your strength also remember to develop some wisdom to use it rightfully.


Ref: Management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from the university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan


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