Wire Racks are So Versatile, You Can Display At Least 101 Things

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Wire Racks are So Versatile,Guest Posting You Can Display At Least 101 Things

Wire display racks are so versatile, so useful, you can use them to display just about anything, and put them just about anywhere. Whether you own a convenience store, dollar store, video store, grocery store, liquor store, restaurant, gift shop, or amusement park, you can use your wire racks to display the following 101 things, and many more.


Wire racks are so versatile, and come in so many sizes that you can display walls full of candy or offer a countertop display. It's a perfect way to display impulse items such as candy bars, gummi candy, wicker baskets of saltwater taffy, gum, or even novelty gumballs.

Reading and Writing Material

A wire rack is ideal for displaying a variety of newspapers or a comic book collection. Customers can browse through the books on your wire racks, or choose from writing materials such as stationary and pens.

Tourist Merchandise

Many establishments cater to a seasonal customer base of tourists. You definitely want to use your versatile wire racks to appeal to tourists' wants and needs. Wire racks can display brochures featuring local tourist attractions, pamphlets, postcards, and maps of the area. You should also consider selling pennants and merchandise of local sports teams.

Toys and Children's Items

Because wire racks are versatile enough to display merchandise at everyone's eye level, they're a creative place to display items kids will like. These might include toys, trophies, arts and crafts materials, paints, crayons, stuffed animals, or water guns.

Advertizing Material

There's no reason your wire racks shouldn't talk up your establishment! Consider displaying plaques from different teams you've sponsored, business cards, or awards from the community. If you're running any specials, those fliers could go on these racks, too.


A versatile wire rack is exactly right for showing off compact discs, or for spreading out your selection of sheet music for the musically talented among your customers. The different kinds of wire racks available allow you to choose how much space your music display will occupy; if you anticipate it being popular, you might want to make it wide enough for several customers to browse at once.


Whether you run a clothing store or a store that sells other things, you can display t-shirts or ball caps on these racks. Other great clothing options for display on wire racks include sweaters, hats, slacks and jeans, shoes and socks, watches, belts, and even big shiny Texas-sized belt buckles. Wire racks are versatile enough to adjust for any of these items.

Food and Drinks

How can anyone resist fresh food laid out and titled invitingly toward them on a wire rack? You might consider displaying wine, soda, pizza, baked goods, juice, coffee machines, homemade pies, Christmas cookies, animal crackers, yogurt or ice cream toppings, dried beans, spices, or fresh produce.

Display Aids

Wire racks are versatile enough that they don't have to be the star of the show. They're happy to support other display aids, such as fishbowls, plastic canisters, candy containers, wicker baskets, or coffee bean dispensers.

Kitchenware and Houseware

This is where versatile wire racks really shine. If there's something you can use in your home, chances are it can be displayed on a wire rack. Look for displays of cast iron pots and pans, waffle irons, cutting boards, carpet samples, plates, bowls, antique water glasses, teacups and saucers, cutlery, alarm clocks, portable DVD players, radios, seeds, barbeque utensils, candles or cleaning supplies.


Nothing is more charming than a wire display rack versatile enough to display flowers at the checkout stand. It's a great place for cut flower arrangements, artificial flowers, or bouquets for Memorial Day, Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day, or just because.

That's 101, but it doesn't begin to exhaust the possibilities of use these versatile wire racks can offer. Wire racks are so versatile that as retail features, they can do practically anything you need them to do. They're usually sold at reasonable prices, and will be one of the best investments you ever make for your retail business. Pick up a few today and start stocking!

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