6 Types of Rotating Racks for Your Floor Displays

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Rotating racks for floor displays are ideal for nearly every kind of retail business. These racks help store owners make the most of the floor space they have to work with,Guest Posting and they offer extra convenience to customers because they enable customers to view all sides of the racks without having to move!

Below are five of the most common kinds of rotating racks you can use for your floor displays. Consider the kinds of items you want to showcase and the amount of space you have to work with as you learn more about each one.

1. Bucket Display Racks

Bucket display racks are some of the most versatile racks available. The revolving versions of bucket racks can include as many as thirty buckets and can hold anything from edible items like wrapped candies to small novelty toys for children.

2. Jar Display Racks

Think of jar display racks as siblings to bucket display racks. Jar racks come with numerous “jars,” rather than “buckets,” and these jars most often have lids to help keep food items such as candy safe and small merchandise like hair accessories or toys safe from sticky fingers.

3. Wooden Display Racks

If jar displays are the siblings of bucket racks, wooden display racks are definitely their cousins. The main difference between bucket racks and wooden racks is the fact that the racks and buckets are wooden!

Many store owners use these delightful display fixtures to add charm to their merchandise displays, and they work well for everything from bags of chips and candy to children’s toys and trial-sized hygiene products.

4. Pegboard Display Racks

As the name suggests, pegboard display racks are designed showcase merchandise that hangs from pegs or “hooks”; however, other accessories such as pegboard trays, divider bins, and pegboard buckets work well with these racks and expand the possibilities of the kinds of merchandise you can showcase.

Pegboard racks generally have two sides (though sometimes you can find slightly larger versions with four sides) and spin from the base. Depending on the overall feel of your store, you can even add some flair to your display when you choose pegboard racks in fun neon colors.

5. Wire Display Racks

Like pegboards, many kinds of wire display racks come equipped with their own kinds of pegs from which you can hang different kinds of merchandise.

Wire racks offer different kinds of rotating options, as well. For example, some wire racks allow customers to rotate the entire display, while others are designed to rotate at each level (spinning one “row” of items while leaving the others untouched).

6. Clip Display Racks

Clip display racks are very similar to wire racks, with one major difference: Rather than using any variation of a “peg” from which to hang merchandise, clip racks use “clips” from which to hang merchandise. You can fasten such items as bags chips or other bagged treats to the clips, and customers can spin the rack to see all the goodies you have to offer.

It’s easy to find sturdy clip racks, but you should be conscious of the weight of your merchandise. It’s best to save small and lightweight items for these racks.

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