Bail Bondsman Jobs - Salary and Perk Details

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A bail bondsman is generally an organization or a person who arranges the bail for a criminal defendant in court. He acts as a surety for the criminal suspect by pledging either cash or assets. Bail bondsman is something unique to the United States as most of the countries consider bounty hunting illegal.

Job Description

Bail bond agents deal directly with banks and financial institutions on behalf of their clients and enter into a security agreement with court officials. By this bond,Guest Posting the bail bondsman becomes responsible to pay the entire bond money to the court if the client fails to appear in court. Licensed Bail bond agents are hired by professional bonding company and surety companies

Education and Training - Professional certificate

The state department of insurance gives out a list of schools that offer courses in this field and a licensing certificate is a pre-requisite for any bail bondsman to practice. Any one who is above 18 years of age can apply for license along with academic qualifications, proof of residency, finger print filing and property details. The candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are appointed as recognized bail bond agents. In some states the candidates are required to pass a written examination to qualify for licensure. A bail bondsman should have a thorough knowledge of the various statutes and legal technicalities and rules of the land. Licensed bail bond agents can start posting bonds that are well within the limits of their surety licenses.

Salary and Other Benefits

Though the bail bondsman salary depends largely on the place of employment, experience and industry, the average yearly salary for professionals in this field will be around $20,000 per year. Those who work independently charge a commission for their services, which will be around 10% of the bond. Employed bail bond agents enjoy many other benefits like paid leaves, vacations, flexible work hours, and life insurance coverage.

Promotion Scope

Bail bond agents can start their own agencies once they get enough exposure and contacts in the field. Bail bonding is a good choice for those who wish for a change in career. The demand for bail bondsman is always on the rise as people requiring the services are increasing by the day.

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