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As a holiday representative, you will be required to conduct welcome meetings ever so often, which could be every other day or it could be every day depending on the amount of clients/ customers coming into the resort that you are currently working at. This will vary depending on whether it is peak season or off peak.

Welcome meetings consist of all the information that the guests need to know before they begin their journey. You will provide the guests with all the necessary information regarding their holiday trip along with the details on the excursions that are available to them while vacationing. A holiday representative needs to have some basic selling skills. In order to earn more money,Guest Posting you will sell car rental (car hire), telephone cards, daily excursions, and other products that are offered by the touring company that you are employed by. You earn commission off of everything you are able to sell in addition to your fixed monthly income. You have the opportunity to make the decision of what products and/or services you will sell for the touring company in order to earn the most commission for yourself. You need to ensure that you know everything about the product or service that you are offering so that if there are any questions you will be able to answer them with no problem at all this will help you sell more of the product or service if you seem like you know what you are talking about. Future Career Developments Available to Holiday Reps Once you have decided to retire from being a resort representative or if you have just decided that you want to spend more time at home with your family and friends, there are still many opportunities available for you. By having the experience as a resort representative, there are many open opportunities. Although you may not decide to, many of the individuals who are holiday representatives take an opportunity in the local area within the travel and tourism industry. The following list of opportunities are available to you if you wish to advance within the tour company. - Consumer Affairs - Health and safety specializing - Specialist Resort Management - Invention of new ideas - Guest Services Management - Daily problem solving The following list of opportunities are available to you once you have left the resort rep position. - Travel Agents - Tour Operators - Tourist Consultants - Tourist Information Centers - Tourist Boards

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