Navy Selection Process

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This article contains information about starting a career in the navy and what is required from a candidate to succeed.

The Navy selection process mainly comprises of five stages. The selection process in navy is very competitive and you should clear every stage to proceed to the next stage.

However,Guest Posting clearing the selection process will not always guarantee an offer letter or employment as the selection board will analyze all the aspects of a candidate's application.

To apply for a position within the Navy the candidates will ideally be over 18 years of age. If they are not, then consent of the parents is necessary and it will be asked for on the application form.

The selection process begins with the submission of the application form and candidates should fill it and submit all the necessary documents as directed. The application form should be completed with only the correct information as including incorrect information can lead to rejection later on.

Aptitude test and medical exam

The next step in the selection process is the aptitude test where the candidates are tested for their skills and abilities.

This stage will include tests based on reasoning, numeracy, mechanical comprehension, and English language. The aptitude test is followed by a personal interview. It will be conducted by the career advisor who will access all the personal qualities of the candidate. The interview will cover the life experiences of the candidate, ask a number of leading and open ended questions and generally check your suitability to join.

Candidates should prepare for the interview as it will cover a whole range of topics. Those candidates that spend the time preparing the types of questions they could be asked and how to answer them are much more likely to succeed than those who don't.

The interview is followed up with a medical examination and this is stage four of the selection process. The candidates who clear the interview should undergo medical examination to check the physical fitness.

This include measuring the heart rate, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and taking a urine sample of the candidate. This is to check whether the candidate is physically fit to cope with the various situations and tasks they will be required to undertake on a daily basis.

If you do not feel that you fitness levels are what they should be then you should look to improve these before applying to join the navy.

The Security check

The final stage of the navy selection process is the security check. Candidates who clear the medical examination will be provided with a security questionnaire. It will be forwarded to the Defense Ministry for their seal of approval.

After the decision has been finalised the candidate will receive a letter which explains whether you have been selected or not. The navy selection process is very elaborate and only the best will clear all the five stages.

If you are interested in joining the navy, then you can contact your local career office and the recruiting officer will arrange a meeting with the Navy detachment department.

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