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This article is for everyone who is considering joining the navy as a career and wants to read more about the requirements and the selection process

Joining the navy is a noble decision for many and is normally a decision based on a sense of patriotism and desire to serve the country. However,Guest Posting some people consider the navy as a way of developing a respectable career instead of going to college or studying for a degree at university.

It is also an honor to join the brave men and women who fight to keep the shores safe. The United Sates navy and The British Royal Navy encourage youngsters and adults to join and serve the country as the Navy has a lot of job opportunities to people from all walks of life. Most of us only know about navy officers but the navy requires many other positions too.

Before you enroll to get in the navy you must decide where you want to head. If you would like to be a navy officer then you will require certain academic qualifications. The academic qualification required is considerably of high standard compared to the one required to join the police force and the army. The individual who wants to join navy must complete college and enroll into the Naval Reserve Officer Training Program or NROTC. The individual can also enroll in the United States Naval Academy.

It is a prerequisite to hold a college degree in one of the Navy approved subjects such as engineering, science, mathematics or a few others.

If you have a degree in one of these it will be easier for you to get enrolled into Officer Candidate School. It is a great honor to get selected into the navy. Officers are saluted, paid a very reasonable salary and there are some fantastic benefits such as traveling all over the world. The role of navy officer also beings with it a level of responsibility and you will be in charge of the lives of men under you command.

Apart from being a naval officer you can also become an enlisted member of the navy. In order to become an enlisted member of the navy you are not required to hold a college degree or any academic requirements. To get qualified as an enlisted member of the navy you will have to pass mentally, medically and physically demanding tests. You are given a chance to enroll for the practice test, which is more formerly known as the Enlisted Screening Test or EST.

This test is taken in order to gauge your mental ability. You are required to have a spotless legal record; even small offenses can be counted against you during the selection process. A medical exam is mandatory and it will have to be done at the Military Entrance Processing, which is required in order to determine your eligibility and the field the choices available to you.

The options are aviation, medicine, nuclear, electronics or any other general field of work within the navy. Enlisted navy jobs have lower salaries and a less demanding job than a navy officer. The enlisted navy candidates have to go through a period of eight weeks of boot camp training as against the thirteen week period for navy officers.

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